What was my least favorite chore growing up? That was definitely taking out the trash! Now, fast forward to today, and I’m still not the biggest fan. I usually try to delegate that task as much as possible (sorry Andy!). But someone’s gotta do it, right?! Nobody actually likes having a less than pleasant smelling kitchen, so normally tossing the trash out daily would be a must…that is of course until I recently picked up Glad’s trash bags with Febreze freshness to kick the smell. What a game changer! They smell so good that Glad guarantees 5 days odor-free in their “Five Day Odor Claim Challenge.” Challenge accepted!
I was so excited when Glad asked me to take the challenge that I even created my very own Glad diary along the way, except this one is not secret. ;)

Day 1: I filled my trash can to the brim with expired sprinkled cake from a photoshoot, along with other perishables like rotisserie chicken (eek, I know), leftover green beans, brussel sprouts, and yogurt. It’s time to put this odor shield to the test!
Day 2: Everything still hung tight in the garbage bag. To my surprise, we still didn’t smell anything terrible. So instead of taking the time to take out the trash I worked on something a little more fun! ;)

Day 3: Yep, still smelling completely normal, like you never would have known the contents of the bag. Rotisserie chicken? I thought for sure I would have smelled it by now.

Day 4:  It’s almost too good to be true. I’ve thrown things in this trash that would typically make us have to open every window in the house with standard trash liners. I seriously could not believe I didn’t have to throw out the trash yet! Instead of taking out the trash, I traded in an extra couple minutes to reorganize Claire’s super adorable shoes. She’s got quite a collection!
Day 5:  Okay, I am sold! After 5 entire days the Febreze freshness is still holding down the fort. You never would have known the contents nestled in this trash can.

Being such a busy momtrepreneur, I gotta tell you that Glad’s trash bags with Febreze have been a total timesaver for me. If you’re always on the move like me, it’s a must to keep your house smelling clean and fresh. These bags do exactly that, especially if taking out the trash can be a daunting task or you forget things easily (like me). Totally worth it!

And who would have thought that your garbage could be so fun?! Pink makes everything better, right?! If you want to create a similar look like my garbage can, all you need to do is spray paint a trash can of your choice in your favorite color. Next grab letter stencils and spray paint your favorite song lyrics or quote on the can. I am not a big R&B girl, but I couldn’t resist putting these lyrics on this can. Talk about a blast from the 90s. Want to join the fun? Share your pictures by tagging #Glad5DayChallenge to share your moments while taking the challenge.
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GLAD . The opinions and text are all mine.


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Two Twenty Photos.

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