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Everybody who’s in favor of changing the Snapchat logo to have heart eyes, raise your hand! Wouldn’t everything just be so much better with pink hearts on it? As Halloween is just around the corner, I couldn’t help but combine two of my current obsessions, hearts and piñatas! Who says Halloween has to be spooky?


We all know that Snapchat is the talk of the town right now for good reason. I mean, who could resist those filters that make your eyes pop! As a token of my appreciation to Snapchat for making life just a little bit sillier, I wanted to bust out a fun decoration that will be a hit at your next party. I’m thinking an office Halloween party, a child’s party, or even a college sorority party. Have fun with it!






-Box cutter

-White streamers

-Pink tissue paper



  1. Draw the Snapchat ghost onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out the shape using your box cutter and trace it onto another piece of cardboard for your back piece.
  2. On the back piece cut a hole for the treats.
  3. Cut out a two-inch-thick strip of cardboard the length of your ghost and tape it around the front piece of the ghost shape.
  4. Cut two holes on the top middle of your edge piece and string your piñata to desired length.
  5. Cut out two arms from cardboard. With the box cutter cut two slits on either side of the piñata and insert your arms.
  6. Take your streamers and cut into the bottom ends to fringe. This will save so much time than doing multiple strips individually. Glue your streamers starting from the bottom of your piñata and working your way up. Repeat for back side. Wrap the edges of the ghost with the streamers.
  7. Cut 2 hearts out of pink tissue paper and glue to the front for eyes. 

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