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DIY Snowman Balloon

Add holiday charm to your next classroom party or holiday bash by making your very own large and in-charge snowman balloon! This snowman balloon ended up being so massive. He was nearly as tall as me! ;) This DIY snowman is so easy and so much fun! It’s definitely one you can get the kids involved in. Who doesn’t love balloons?? You can get super creative with your snowman (or snow-woman!) and use whatever colors or accessories you want! It’s sure to be a fun decoration and a definite conversation piece no matter what!

Are you guys ready for Christmas DIYs like this festive snowman balloon?? I can’t believe it’s already the week after Thanksgiving! How was everyone’s turkey day?? I personally had such a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and of course, AMAZING food! I’ll be the very first to admit I eat too much – always. But rest assured, we still have some leftovers we’ve been snacking on non-stop! ;) But in the meantime, let’s talk all about DIY Christmas party decorations. I have something EASY up my sleeve.


I’ve been SO ready to jump right into our holiday content! We have so many fun things that we’ve been working on, and I’ve been dying to share them with you!! With that being said, it is officially Christmas season in the Johnson house! We’ve been listening to Christmas music (hello NSYNC and Hanson Christmas albums) non-stop, and we’re crafting fun holiday party decorations, like this cute snowman balloon. Now I just need to make time to watch some Hallmark Christmas movies and I’ll REALLY be in the spirit.

I have to admit, although the weather in Sacramento is definitely warm all-year-round, I can’t help but hope for a white Christmas year after year! Hey, a girl can dream, right?? ;) When it inevitably doesn’t happen, I HAVE to make up for it by decorating with snow globes, snowflakes, and of course – cute snowmen! Bring on ALL the snowman balloons!

This easy snowman balloon party decoration is sure to fit right in at all your parties! Kids will LOVE it, adults will laugh at it and maybe even make silly poses like I did – I promise I didn’t plan that. Either way, it’s such a fun way to greet your guests! They’ll never be expecting this guy at the door. ;)





How To Make DIY Snowman Balloon


Two 22′ white balloons
Construction paper
Iridescent cellophane


Step 1
Cut out your snowman face and button shapes using construction paper.
Step 2
Glue your carrot nose and eyes onto your iridescent cellophane and cut out.
Step 2
Blow up your balloons.
Step 3
Glue on your snowman face and heart shaped buttons.
Step 3
Tape together your balloons.
Step 4
Wrap your scarf around his neck.

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