We’re kicking off the first day of spring with a gorgeous DIY flower crown tutorial made by Shannon Mahoney of Thistle & Honey and photographed by Nicole Dianne! Whether you’re heading to a backyard party or just want to feel like a spring queen, these crowns are the perfect project for you to try. No two flower crowns look quite the same, so feel free go crazy with customizing and picking your personal mix of greenery! Here’s what Shannon has to say:

“Flower crowns are a fun way to feel extra beautiful on a wide variety of occasions. You see them popping up everywhere these days— from weddings to musical festivals, they are all the rage. The best part is that they are so simple and easy to make. All of the materials that you need can be found at your local craft store, although I bet you probably already have most of them! Your flower selections can range vastly, and I encourage you to pick things that are in season. Here, we used beautiful spring time flowers. Take a walk in your neighborhood, or check in your backyard for the easiest and freshest flowers and foliages. Flowers such as ranunculus tend to have a weak stem, so wiring them is advised. For heartier stemmed flowers, such as roses, you can skip out on the wiring process.

All of these steps can be repeated to create a crown to your taste. Whether you prefer a crown of all foliage or want to include flowers like baby’s breath or daisies, the process is entirely the same! For another take on the flower crown, use a majority of greenery, with two or three groups of flowers clustered together. Wear this crown with the concentration of flowers to either side. Whichever way you choose, you will be sure to impress your friends with your new found skill!” diy-flower-crown-side







1. Before you begin, gather all the materials you will need for your flower crown. Prep the flowers by cutting the stems to about an inch and a half in length, and removing any leaves from the stems below the flowers, as you will not want to tape over them (this makes for a cleaner, neater, and overall easier process).



2. Begin by sticking a piece of floral wire perpendicularly through the stem of the ranunculus, just below where it meets the flower.


3. Carefully fold each side of the floral wire parallel with the stem.


4. Using your floral tape start at the base of the flower, pull tightly, wrapping the tape downwards around the wire and the stem.


5. You now have a perfectly prepped ranunculus!


6. To make the base of the crown, take the grapevine wire and wrap it around your head. Twist off the end to secure, and cut off excess with wire cutters. Be sure to leave the base a little larger than your head, to account for the tape and stems.


7. Next, create a small bunch of flowers, similar to a boutonniere. Place them sideways along the base.



8. In the same fashion as step 7, wrap the bunch of flowers tightly around the grapevine wire base, until it is secure. Be sure to wrap tightly, as the flowers dry out they will shrink slightly.


9. Continue to make small clusters of flowers, alternating varieties and colors. Place each new bunch on top of the previous bunch’s base, covering the tape, until you have filled the crown!


10. Rock your flower crown as you please!




Tutorial // Shannon of Thistle & Honey Floral

Photography // Nicole Dianne


  1. I think the colour chioces are great, too! Lovely shaped flowers, it’s hard to imagine it as a logo though.By the way, have you seen SheDraws on Folksy? She has lots of tea related bits, and I know you are rather partial to the odd cuppa :)

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