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Sprinkle Lipstick Party Favors

Pucker up! These clever party favors by Melissa of Design Eat Repeat combine our two favorite things: makeup and sprinkles. The tasty-looking tubes are so simple to make that you can either prepare them before a party, or have your guests join in on the crafting fun! Here’s what Melissa has to say:

“A wise old woman once said, ‘Lipstick makes an outfit, as sprinkles make a party.’ Okay, fine. So maybe I made up that quote, but there isn’t much to argue about when it comes to the power sprinkles have on a cupcake, donut, or other sugary treat. For something with such little added taste, they sure do bring a big punch of flavor to a boring treat. Whether you’re throwing a girls night in makeup party, or just looking for an excuse to craft with sprinkles, these DIY Sprinkle Lipstick Party Favors will foot the bill. With just a few pieces of paper and sprinkles, you can send your guests home with an extra little sugary smooch.”



—Pink and gray scrapbooking paper
—Plastic bag


1. Cut pink paper into 3-inch x 2-inch rectangles. Cut gray paper into 3-inch x 1-inch rectangles. Tape the gray paper behind the pink paper to create the top ridge of the lipstick container.

2. Once the two papers are adhered together, roll the paper into a cylinder and apply tape where the two sides meet. Set aside.

3. Fill a plastic bag with 1-2 tablespoons of sprinkles and push the sprinkles into one corner of the bag. Arrange the sprinkles into a “tube” format, and tie the end shut with a string. Once the sprinkles are secured inside, snip off the  “zipper” portion of the bag.

4. Push the sprinkle tube inside the pink cylinder lipstick tube. You may need to use the end of a pencil or straw to push the bag through the top.


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