Looking for a fun, chic DIY this summer? We have just the project! Dress up your favorite summer sandals with a few jewels for the perfect look. We’re absolutely thrilled to have Stacey from Five Minute Style sharing this idea with us today. We can’t wait to dress up a pair of our own! Here’s what she has to say:

“I’m sure you’ve all fallen in love with the beautiful Marni Jewelled Sandals that a lot of bloggers have been rocking this summer. I would absolutely love to own a pair, but they are a long way out of my budget. And even though there are some more wallet friendly options out there (like this gorgeous pair from J Crew), they still cost more than I would ideally like to to spend. So why not do it yourself! I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make my own pair, especially when I saw Gap had a super affordable pair that would be perfect to customize. It was so easy and so fun. I plan to wear these fun sandals all summer long!”




–A pair of sandals (Similar to this pair from Gap or this ASOS pair)

–E6000 Glue

–Crystals (any shape and size, I found mine on Ebay)


1. First, lay out the pattern you want to create with your crystals and figure out how many you will need for each sandal.


2. Measure and mark the center point on each strap with a pencil.

3. Start gluing your design from the middle of the strap outwards. This way you can make sure your pattern is even on each side.


4. Hold each crystal in place for at least 20 seconds to give the glue a chance to dry.

5. Leave to dry completely over night, and your sandals will be ready to play for the rest of the summer!


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