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DIY Tassle Diaper Storage Box

This post is sponsored by P&G, but all opinions are my own.

5 years after having Charlie, I was pregnant with Claire, and I swear, it was like déjà vu! There were so many overwhelming decisions, while other decisions came so easily. I knew that I wanted to design Claire’s nursery with a modern / chic sort of feel. I knew her baby shower would be themed with bunnies (yup, I planned this baby shower too). I won’t paint an entirely pretty picture for you though! This is sort of embarrassing, but I actually couldn’t decide if we were going to name her “Chloe” or “Claire” until days after bringing her home from the hospital. The decision fatigue was real!

As you probably know from all my Instagram stories, I am obsessed with Target. It’s my happy place. Andy always teases me that it’s my home away from home. Amen! When deciding on where to register for both Charlie and Claire, it was an easy and confident decision for me.

For starters, Target has such a huge selection – everything from the basic essentials to stylish decor pieces. One of my FAVORITE perks about registering from Target is how they offer a 20% completion discount if you sign up with your Target REDcard (or 15% without) for any items left on your registry after the baby arrives! They price match and mark their word on it. I remember having a few things on my registry that I found for less cost at other places, and Target happily honored a quick price match. And of course, if you’re super visual like me, you’ll love the simple option of integrating your Pinterest board of favorite finds to your registry. Target also has a universal registry option that lets you add your favorite things finds from other stores.

Did you know newborns go through an average of 320 diapers the first month?! Way more than you thought, right?! I am sure you can only imagine how many boxes of diapers we’ve gone through between 2 kids. Thanks to the Target Baby Registry, you’ll never forget to add diapers to your wish list. Target wants to help make sure you are prepared for your baby so they add some you-don’t-wanna-miss items to your registry. Just don’t forget to add more boxes and a variety of sizes! You can never have too many diapers! It’s a total shocker once you realize how many you go through!

As we’re re-designing Claire’s big-girl room, I have been thinking of fun DIY projects to add to her room. I have always wanted to make a DIY Diaper Storage Box. I’ve never been able to find one that I’ve liked before. So I took a box of Pampers and gave it a makeover. It adds such a fun pop of style to the top of Claire’s dresser! Who would have thought that a box like this would make me excited to change a diaper!? The excitement of something new will wear off soon, but in the meantime, I am so stoked about this new piece.



Are you expecting or a ‘been there, done that’ sort of girl? What was your biggest, overwhelming challenge of being a new mom? I would LOVE to hear your experiences in the comments!



How to make a Tassel Diaper Storage Box


Pampers diaper box
Hot glue gun
White fabric


Step 1
Line your box with your white fabric, leaving 1-inch folded over the edge of the box.

Step 2
Hot glue your rope around the entire box.

Step 3: Tassels

* Wrap yarn around cardboard 20 times.
* Thread a tapestry needle with 12″ of yarn, and tie the top of the tassel snugly. Remove needle, leaving tie to attach.
* Cut ends of yarn and remove from cardboard.
* Thread tapestry needle with 18″ of yarn and wrap around tassel 6–10 times, snugly. Tie knot in wrap yarn and bury end inside tassel.
* Trim tassel ends evenly.

Step 4
Glue your tassels onto your string and hang them around the top edge of your box.


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  1. Clare is so gorgeous!! And you look like a movie star! I am so proud of you, Melissa! I love you both with all my heart!

    1. Awwww! Thank you Aunt Jo Ann! I LOVE that you read my blog. I forget sometimes family reads this. Little ol’ me! Love you!!!

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