There’s nothing better than mixing dessert and decor. Why not dress your cake up with a DIY wood cake stand? Classy and easy, it’ll have your cake looking fabulous as your party centerpiece. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry, it only takes a few steps! Madeline Trait has you covered with her tutorial below. Here’s what she has to say:

“Today I have a super simple way to make cake stands for all your baking projects! You can keep them simple or customize them to match your celebration decor.”




–Wood Glue


–Spray paint

–Acrylic paint (optional)

–(1) Wood Table Leg  – I got mine from Lowe’s. Just make sure there are two flat ends.

–(1) Flat Wood Post Cap – Again, I got mine from Lowe’s. Make sure it is flat and does not have a peak.


1. To start gather all your supplies. The first thing you will do is remove the bold from the wood table leg. To do this use your pliers and twist to essentially screw it out. Some can test  your strength while others are pretty easy to get out.

2. Next paint both your wood table leg and flat wood post cap with a neutral spray paint, I used gray. Set aside to dry.DIY-Wood-Gray-Cake-Stands

3. Once your parts are dry, glue the smaller flat surface to the flat wood post cap. Glue the leg to the side of the post cap with the smaller surface area. This way you will have a  larger platform for your cake or cupcakes to sit on.

4. When it is dry, you are done and ready to use! Or add more color with the acrylic paint and this is where you can get really creative. Here is an example to inspire you.

5. Want to add some variation? Get different legs to add a variation in height and detail. You can also purchase a wood circle to create a larger cake stand. Just be sure you have the right size leg or use 4 to create a mini table-like cake stand. Stay tuned for more ideas!

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