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Easter Bunny Cupcakes

If you are dreaming of little bunnies hopping about a grassy meadow, hiding multi-colored eggs to be found by excited boys and girls on Easter morning, then it is definitely that time of year. Spring is coming, and so are some fun (and yummy) projects to keep the bunny dreams at bay for a few more weeks. These cute, crafty Easter Bunny Cupcakes were posted by Mique on her blog, Thirty Handmade Days, and she even provides the printable ears and cupcake wrappers! Mique collaborated with Callye, whose blog, Sweet Sugar Belle, goes into a little more detail about decorating those sweet icing faces, and making some cookie ears for the particularly ambitious baker. Give everyone a hop in their step with these adorable baked bunnies for Easter brunch, and don’t forget to save one for yourself!

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Photo by: Thirty Handmade Days

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