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There is nothing more special than creating something with your child; it’s an unforgettable bonding experience. Not only do you discover their interests and their style, you encourage them to be creative thinkers. With so many craft ideas out there, it can be hard to pick out the ones that your children will enjoy. To help you narrow it down and make some fun weekend plans, we’ve created a list of kid-friendly crafts that your whole family will love!

These simple Sail Boat Snack Cups will be fun for your child to create. They can pick out the colors they want their sail to be and even pick out the snack they want to eat! (via Avery and Augustine)


Alphabet Pie Crusts are great because they’re both tasty and educational! Let your child spell their own name or the names of objects in your home. Decorate them with icing for an even cuter look. (via youaremyfav)


Let your child go wild with these Paper Bag Masks! With so many colors and shapes to draw, they can become whoever (or whatever) they want. (via Aesthetic Outburst)


These adorable Cloud-Shaped Cookies are cute, whimsical toppers for any dessert. (via Tell Wave)


All you need to make these pretty Golden Confetti Planters is a little glue, some gold confetti, and a whole lot of imagination. (via By Wilma)


Send out an invitation or a simple “I love you” with these Printable Candy Necklace Cards. Your child can help cut out the cards… or snack on some extra necklaces. (via Willow Day)


This Glided Alphabet Set is a great way to make a common toy special. It’s so simple— just find some alphabet blocks and paint them any color you want! (via Cabin 7)


Make something sweet with your children with these adorable Farm Animal Sugar Cookies. Your children can create all the fondant shapes! (via Carmel Cookie)


This Lemon Meringue Milkshake is a yummy treat. If your child is a mini chef, they will love whipping up this delicious drink. (via Sweetapolita).


Your kids will love pasting color buttons onto these Cute as a Button Utensils. These are great for children’s birthday parties or a baby shower. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


Gold Dipped Feathers create a timeless and elegant look. Your kids will love helping you dip soft feathers into the paint. (via Best Friends for Frosting)


For this Pom Pom Tiara, all you need are some sparkly pipe cleaners to make your little one feel like royalty. (via Obessee)


For even more prince or princess vibes, check out this Lace Crown project. With a few scraps of lace in sparkly colors, you can create a crown your child will never want to take off. (via girl. Inspired)


These Gold and Black Patterned Animals will become the leaders of the pack! Your child will love showing these off. (via Heodeza)

Which fun project are you planning to try out with your kids first?

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