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Easy Gumball Cake Decorating Hack!

Last weekend, I baked one of my favorite cake recipes for the first time in our new home! I feel like once the cakes and cookies start baking, the scents make it really start to feel like “home.” But, I have to admit, we still have not updated all of our appliances just yet. Luckily, most of the appliances have been working great, so we’re not in the biggest rush.

I have always had a thing for these shimmery colored gumballs! ;) And recently, I just scored so many new colors!!! I literally felt like a kid in the candy store. ;) And how great is this palette of colors together! Royal blue, white, pink, and the list goes on…Love it!

You can easily place these fancy gumballs on top of store-bought cupcakes or even a cake from the bakery to dress them up. Heck you don’t even have to get that fancy – you can even just quickly grab something from the grocery store! Effortless entertaining is a real thing that can happen right in your own kitchen – I promise! I love the simplicity of this hack. It literally will only take you 90 seconds to place these on top!

I do advise you to wait until your frosting has been refrigerated for at least an hour so that it’s hard enough to grip onto the gumballs. OR if you’re in a super quick bind like I was, you can totally get away with sticking your cake in the freezer for a good 30 minutes in order for it to harden quicker. I highly recommend placing your cake in the refrigerator until it’s nearly ready to serve. The consistency of your frosting will play a BIG part in determining this.

How To Make A Gumball Cake


1 box of white cake
2 eggs

1/3 c oil

1c water

2 8in round pans

Buttercream Frosting
1/3 oz butter

3 C of confectioners sugar

2 ts vanilla



Step 1
Mix together your cake ingredients. Pour into two 8in cake pans and bake for 25 min. Let cool.

Step 2
Using a mixer, mix together your buttercream frosting ingredients.

Step 3
Frost your cake and add your gumballs for decoration.

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