Now that spring is officially here, there are so many events and celebrations popping up on our calendars! And with all of these social celebrations usually comes the perfect opportunity to get creative with some DIY projects. Hooray!

Weddings and anniversaries, bridal and baby showers — who doesn’t love a sweet celebration? And when it comes to offering up a thoughtful favor or gift, one item we always have on hand is an edible treat. There’s no doubt that a sweet treat is a crowd-pleaser at every event. The best part is that it gives you the chance to get creative when it comes to packaging and presentation!


Today, we’re thrilled to offer up a quick and easy presentation suggestion when gifting macarons! These DIY Macaron Gift Baskets are perfect for Easter or any other springtime gifting. Simply grab berry baskets, paint them using gold and white, and add gorgeous spring embellishments such as flowers or bows. And don’t forget your sweet treat! We’re gifting macarons, but you can use these cute DIY baskets for anything from cookies to chocolates. The possibilities are endless!




-Raw berry baskets

-Martha Stewart Craft Paint – we used gold and white, but you can customize with your favorite color combo

-Paint Brushes

-Basket filling – think crinkle grass or tissue paper

-Embellishments – fresh flower, bows and gift tags work great (optional)

-Sweet treats – here we went with a BFFF favorite – the classic macaron!


1. On a clean working surface, begin by painting the outside of your berry baskets – be sure to just paint the exterior since we’ll be using these for food storage.

2. Be sure to cover each basket with two coats to make sure that the surface is even on the basket.


3. Once dry, paint a decorative motif. We went with a gold rimmed detail, but you can choose any paint detail you like.

4. Once pattern is achieved, set basket aside to dry.

5. Add a layer of tissue paper or crinkle grass inside your basket.

6. Next, add your sweet treats. Finish with fresh greens or flowers and your basket is ready for gifting!


Styling by Denell Pepin

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Megan Belanger




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