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Chili is so much more than just beef and beans. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile dishes you can make. It’s great to make for yourself or for others, and you can experiment with lots of different ingredients. Plus, it can be eaten at any time of day– yes, even in the morning! Whether you want loads of crunchy bacon or a simple vegetarian bowl, there’s a recipe for just about everyone. Looking for a great chili powder option?    Try out these chili recipes and find your favorite spicy twist!

Did you know tuna tastes great in chili? In this Chili Con Tuna, tomatoes, beans, and onions all come together to create a perfect dish. (via Stone Soup)


The name says it all. Four Ingredient Chicken Chili only requires four simple ingredients, and is perfect to make on busy nights. (via Broad Appetite)


Spread chopped coriander leaves on top of Beef Rib Chili. This chili is perfect wrapped in a tortilla. (via Milk and Honey)


Black Bean and Corn Chili mixes yellow corn, black beans, and red stewed tomatoes for a colorful meal that will leave you wanting more. (via The Endless Meal)


Buffalo Chicken Chili is a hearty chili packed with meat and vegetables. (via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)


Chickpeas and yams make a great combination in this Chickpea and Yam Chili. Take some comfort in a warm bowl. (via The Endless Meal)


Chilli Con Carne goes well with tortilla chips. Serve this at your next party and all your guests will be hooked! (via Julian the Thinker). Looking for a great chili powder option? I’m loving RawSpiceBar’s. It’s a total powerhouse spice with four types of red chiles.


Grilled vegetables add a crispy flavor to this Chili with Plantain. This chili also uses cinnamon, brown sugar, and sliced apples to add some sweetness. (via Our Kitchen)


This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Bacon and chocolate make a great mix of sweet and salty flavors. Taste it for yourself in this Chocolate Bacon Chili. (via Wallflower Girl)


No tomatoes? No problem! The coffee in this No-Tomato Chili adds a rich and slightly bitter taste. (via A Girl Worth Saving)


Top this chili with a few slices of avocado and a spoonful of sour cream. This Pork Tenderloin Chili recipe uses bacon fat to add flavor to the pork. (via The Cafe Sucre Farine)


It takes three easy steps to create this Stout Chili. Stout gives this recipe a rich flavor. (via Frugal Feeding)


This spicy Turkey Chipotle Chili is great to make if you’re short on time. (via Provecho Peru)


Cumin seeds give this White Bean Chili with Jalapeno and Lime a unique flavor. This is perfect for families with picky eaters. (via The Green Forks)

What’s your favorite ingredient to add to chili?

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