After spending our summer trying to keep our hair out of our faces, it’s fun to experiment with new hairstyles for the fall! Whether you’re tweaking that classic ponytail or experimenting with knots (the good kind!), there are tons of ways to find a new look. Read on for some great hair tutorials you can try this season.

Knots aren’t usually something that are welcomed when it comes to hair styling, but this simple knot braid tutorial will make you stand out! (via Camille Styles)


This 1960s-inspired ponytail tutorial is a simple way to make a statement. Even on those lazy hair days, you can transform your ponytail in just a few easy steps! (via Babble)


If you have longer hair, then you must try this half-up side French braid tutorial! It’s a gorgeous way to keep all that hair out of your face. (via My Shine Project)


Use this messy side bun tutorial to switch up your hairstyle this season. It’s a great way to style that “second day” hair. (via Ma Nouvelle Mode)


Does anyone remember topsy-tails from elementary school? Reminisce with this grown-up topsy tail tutorial. (via Camille Styles)


This Veronica Lake-inspired hair tutorial is a great choice for date night. Just look at those curls! (via Ducklings in a Row)


This boho chic ponytail tutorial is a simple look for a casual day. Or go the other route and dress it up a bit just by changing your outfit! (via Ma Nouvelle Mode)

How will you switch up your hairstyle this fall?


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