The smell of autumn begins with sweet, crisp apples. We know it’s tempting to bite into the first shiny red one you pick, but why not go one step further? Adding apples to ordinary recipes will put a seasonal twist on any meal. These recipes will inspire you to make the most of apples in the autumn and winter.

Did you know quinoa is one of the world’s healthiest foods? Baked Quinoa with Spiced Apples, Carrots and Red Onions is a great meal to eat when you’re on hiatus from pasta. (via The Iron You)

You may think you’ve already tasted the world’s greatest soup, but have you tried French Lentil Soup with Parsnip & Apple? (via buenovida)

What’s better than pastries stuffed with the flavors of autumn? Bake these Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Empanadas first, then drool. (via The Wimpy Vegetarian)

If you’re not a fan of pork, use chicken or firm tofu in this Roulade of pork belly, braised red cabbage and apple compote. (via Great British Chefs)

Pizza isn’t the only food that’s great for game nights. Make Bacon Wrapped Apple-Pork Meatball Kebabs instead! (via  The Healthy Foodie)

Grill these Buffalo Apple Burgers with Sage-Jalapeño Pesto for a healthy, savory version of the classic burger. (via Marin Mama Cooks)

Dreaming of Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Apples, Bacon & Balsamic at the Thanksgiving table this year? Plan ahead with this recipe! (via The Pig and Quill)

BFFFers believe in the power of a night in, whether it’s a girls’ night or a date night. Either way, make Roasted Pumpkin with Apples and Chèvre part of the menu. (via a meandering mango)

Apple Stuffed Pork Loin is a great dish on its own, but if you’re feeling adventurous, add in some lamb for tenderness. (via Little B Cooks)

Are you on pizza hiatus too? We’ll let it slide if you make Caramelized Onion, Apple, and Blue Cheese Naan Pizzas instead and invite us over! (via Once Upon a Cutting Board)

Grab a knife, fork, and plenty of napkins, then dive into Sausages with Apple Parsnip Mash & Red Onion Gravy. Potatoes are in for some serious competition! (via Wallflower Girl)

For vegans and slow cooker fans, the awesomeness of this chili is indescribable. It’s autumn in a bowl with just a hint of summer memories. Enjoy Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Coconut Chili with Apple. (via The Fig Tree)

Have a double whammy– on us! Kale and Quinoa Waldorf Salad with Chickpeas is a medley of delicious and nutritious tastes. (via Produce On Parade)

The Madras paste recipe can be used for many dishes, but first, make Chicken Madras Curry with Apple. (via In My Red Kitchen)

Carrot Apple Soup is a welcome change from the chicken noodles and Minestrones of the world. What do you get when you cross a vegetable and a fruit? A nosh-up! (via Blissful Domesticity)

Lentil and Leek pot with Curry, Apples, and Cabbage is artisanal and cozy– the kind of meal that makes you want to swap your home for a country cottage. (via A Tasty Love Story)

Make your own favorite apple recipes and post them to Instagram!


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