Nothing says Christmas like a good fruitcake. For some, however, that brings to mind a cake with the density of a rock and the taste to match. That kind of fruitcake may be what you’re used to, but good fruitcakes do exist! Whether you like to bake your gifts or simply want to bring a treat to an upcoming party, you can make a moist, delicious fruitcake the star of the show. Here is a great list to get you started. Try them all and see what one you like best!

This English Plum Pudding will be the life of the party with its flambé finale. If you’re tired of hard fruitcakes, this is the perfect option for you. (via Making Life Delicious)


For a healthier option, try this Chestnut Fruitcake. The honey coconut glaze will make you feel like you’re splurging! (via The Healthy Foodie)


Peanuts, walnuts, and almonds go into this Chilean Christmas Cake. The ingredients are soaked in rum for a night before you begin cooking. (via En Mi Cocina Hoy)


Everyone will be fighting over these cute little Fruitcakes with Brandy Frosting.  They’re the perfect dessert because no one has to share! (via Kitchen Heals Soul)


Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a good cookie!These Fruitcake Cookies combine two holiday higlights into one. (via Shauna Sever)


Forget throwing away that leftover fruitcake. This Fruitcake Pudding keeps your fruitcake soft and yummy. (via SAS does)


Früchtebrot may be a mouthful to pronounce, but at least it will be a mouthful of delicious cake. This German treat goes great with a little butter or cream cheese. (via 1 Big Bite)


Caramel syrup mixes into this Plum Fruitcake. Decorate it with little icing flowers to create a stunning look! (via Blessings from my Kitchen)


This Panfote Di Siena (Italian Fruitcake) has a spicy-sweet taste and a chewy texture. (via Red Shallot Kitchen)


This Sourdough Fruit Cake is a dense, bready dessert that you’ll fall in love with. (via Pizza Rossa)

Which fruitcake recipe will you bravely bake this season?

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