Adding color and style to your work space can be overwhelming, costly, and time consuming. With a variety of simple, bright floral arrangements, any home or office space can easily be transformed. Denell Pepin of Modern Parent Living is with us today to share some of her refreshing decor tips. Here’s what she has to say:
Whether your work space is at home, or a shared studio – one way to create a happy, inspiring setting is with fresh flowers.
For me, fresh flowers are a real treat, but I indulge in them often, because they immediately upgrade any space. And when it comes to budget and style – there’s so much variety. Here’s a trio of simple DIY flower arrangements that are perfect for any work space.
Happy – Yellow is a happy color for me, and right now we’re at the height of the tropical style craze. This mini bouquet touches on that trend just perfectly. This arrangement is all about texture and variety; with an abundant amount of variety, it’s successful because we kept each type of flower together. I call this the “cluster method” – and when it comes to creating a professional looking display, it works every time.
Drama – Here’s a small arrangement that offers big drama. The two-tone color palette offers subtle contrast. I just can’t get enough of this elegant palette with a pop of berry. Here, we’re keeping the display to three types of flowers for simple elegance, and an easy DIY arrangement.
Bright – I love this display because it plays up height and color which is always a bonus. Even better – this arrangement shows off two types of flowers so it’s super simple, but still offers great texture and color. This easy-to-throw together arrangement will perfectly punctuate any creative space.
Floral Styling Tips
If you’re looking to create arrangements but are a bit intimidated, here’s a few things to keep in mind:
  • Small vases and containers are easiest to work with. Be sure to measure and trim stems so that the buds gently rest at the container opening, which will create a tidy and professional look.
  • Be creative with containers! Look around your space to repurpose small vessels.
  • Cluster! When working with a variety of flowers – use the cluster method. Simply keep each type of flower clustered together within the display, and you’re left with a thoughtful bouquet that’s super chic. If you can’t decide on variety – stick with one type of flower for a simply display.

Styling by Denell Pepin

Photography by Megan Belanger

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