Circular Pillows-Couch-Seating-Area-Decor-Chevron-Pillow-Arrangements
Arranging pillows can seem overwhelming or even unimportant, but it’s actually an easy way to make a fashion statement and create an atmosphere for the room. The variety in color and shapes gives you a ton of wiggle room, and there are lots of ways to style them. Whether you’re casually tossing them or neatly positioning them on your sofa, you’re making a statement. Not sure where to start? Then let us show you some great arrangements that are easy to set up and even easier to pull off!

Throw together pillows of all shapes and sizes with colors that complement their surroundings. (via The Glitter Guide)


A bright statement couch is an easy palette to work with. All you’ll need are pillows that will bring out colors in the rest of the room. (via Carolina Collegiate

Artistic-Pillows-Chevron-Pillows-Couch-Living-Room-Pillow Arrangements

Create a balanced look with the mirror arrangement! (via 12 devonshire)


Textured pillows bring lots of character to simple couches. (via Camille Styles)


Create a comfy look with stacked puffy pillows! (via Danielle Oakley Interiors)


The great thing about pillows is how easily interchangeable they are, which is excellent for when holidays roll around! (via The Happy Housie)


Don’t be scared to throw multi-patterned pillows together on the same couch! You can throw in a solo patterned pillow at the center. (via 6th Street Design School)


Prep up a pink sofa with furry and fun printed pillows! (via Veronika’s Blushing)


Pillows that hardly keep their shape are perfect for a homey, cozy arrangement! (via Mimi and Meg)


Another great style is to soften the room and use pillows to cover those corners. (via The Blissful Bee)

How do you arrange your pillows? Are you neat and orderly, or do you take the term “throw pillows” literally? Tell us in the comments.

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