These adorable frilly little drinks are a must-have at your next event. The best part about these drinks are that they are made out of recycled glass Coke bottles — yes, they still sell Coke in glass bottles! All you need is some paper, tissue, and pom-poms to dress up the bottles. Chelsey of Bright & Bold shows us how easy and fun to make and best of all, super affordable.





—Glass Coke bottles
—Tissue paper
—Glitter paper
—Paper straws
—Glue/glue dots


1. Clean out glass Coke bottles. Cut a 1  1/4″ strip of glitter paper. Wrap the glitter paper around the Coke bottle, making sure to cut off any excess paper. Glue the glitter strip of paper directly to the bottle (glue dots work really well for this).
2. Take 4 pieces of tissue paper, being sure to align them, then cut a 12″x6″ rectangle. Once the tissue is cut, fold the tissue in half lengthwise.
3. Begin cutting 1/4″ strips at the detached end, but do not cut the attached end. Be sure to leave a 1/2″ of uncut tissue at the attached end. Continue to cut 1/4″ strips until there is no tissue left.
4. Unfold the tissue and flatten it out.  There should be about 1″ of uncut tissue in the middle of the sheet. Separate the sheets of tissue paper.


5. Take one sheet of the cut tissue paper, flatten it out, and begin rolling the tissue tightly along the uncut middle portion. Once the tissue is tightly rolled, twist the rolled tissue together, then form a loop.

6. Run your string through the looped portion of the tissue tassel. Tie your string, tassel, and paper straw to the Coke bottle. Now glue your pom-pom over the top of loop on the tassel.



What’s your favorite DIY to do with a glass Coke bottle?

Tutorial and Photos by Chelsey of Big Bright Bold.

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