This season, let your wardrobe be the life of the party! With the holidays in full speed ahead, we are constantly on the look out for cute pieces to add to our holiday wardrobe. We have Alyssa Garrison with Random Acts of Pastel here to give us the 411 on how to be fabulously festive this season in a tulle skirt! Here is what Alyssa has to say:

The season for all things glittery and gold is almost upon us, but you know what I think the holidays need more of? Tulle! Fluffy ballet-inspired tulle skirts have become a massive trend in the past year, and I happen to think they’re the perfect piece to add to your holiday party wardrobe, or even just to your daily lineup this winter.

The problem is, tulle skirts can be a bit of a challenge to wear. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very warm and insulating, but it’s easy to end up looking like a ballerina straight out of the Nutcracker if you pair one with other dance-inspired pieces. Although I’m all for looking “costumey” at times, that isn’t always the right choice for every occasion, especially when it comes to festive events.

Luckily, I’ve had a lot of trial and error playing dress up with my own personal collection of tulle, and with the help of Bicyclette Boutique I’ve come up with a few super simple guidelines for dressing it up, and dressing it down.



Though it might seem strange, t-shirts and tulle skirts are totally a match made in heaven. I love pairing a cute graphic or a bold print with my tulle, especially if my skirt is a more casual shade like this Jordan De Ruiter number in navy.

In this case, I chose a fairytale inspired Wildfox tee that I picked up on my recent trip to California, and added a bit of sparkle with a tortoiseshell statement necklace from Bicyclette. I topped everything off with some pink snakeskin sneakers from Topshop, a classic black purse, and my Ray Ban sunnies, and there you have it! Midnight blue tulle made perfect for daytime adventures.

When dressing casual in tulle, it’s important to think of your skirt like any other bottom. For example, I pictured this skirt as jeans when I was putting together my look, and thanks to the color, I think it translated perfectly.

Stay away from anything too thick and boxy up top, as you don’t want your shirt or sweater competing with the volume of your skirt, and don’t be afraid to reach for an unexpected shoe! When the weather gets colder, you can easily warm up this look with a trench coat and scarf, a simple wool coat and tights, or an army-inspired jacket and booties.

white-tulle-skirt-fancy dressing-up-tulle-skirt-fashion


Is there anything more fun than getting all dolled up for parties, especially over the holiday months?
Adding a ladylike calf-length skirt to your rotation this year is definitely a must, and why not make it a little more fancy and choose tulle? This pearl dotted ivory skirt by Jordan de Ruiter is made from a fine mesh tulle, which makes the shape less dramatic than others, and I just love how it falls on my figure.

Though this skirt is great with more casual ensembles, I chose to dress it up this time with a black lace tank with faux leather detailing and the biggest sparkly necklace I could find.

I finished the look off with a cute novelty clutch and my tallest heels, and if the weather had been just a bit cooler I absolutely would’ve added a fluffy faux-fur coat or vest.

When dressing up tulle, sparkle is absolutely key! Opt for a statement necklace or crystal drop earrings in fun colors and shapes whenever possible. Adding textures like silk or lace will also take things up a notch, and pretty heels are always recommended!


Photos for Best Friends For Frosting by Paige Boersma of Bicyclette Boutique

All clothing provided by: Bicyclette Boutique

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