If you are looking for the perfect way to stand out at a holiday cookie swap party, then you have come to the right place! We are so excited to share with you how to make a tropical cookie wreath! Yes, tropical in December! Why not have best of both worlds and wow your friends with this fun cookie wreath. From flamingos wearing scarfs to Santa hats, Denell Pepin of Modern Parent Living  is here to give us some instruction on how to recreate this tropical cookie wreath! Here is what she has to say:

The holiday brings so many of the things we love and wait for all year- festive treats, twinkle lights, and pretty packages. It’s certainly all the things that makes the holiday swoon worthy. But I know I’m not alone when I want to incorporate the tropical trend into the current holiday mix! If you’re still loving everything that is pink flamingos and pineapples, then you will love this tropical holiday cookie wreath!

For an upcoming cookie swap, I wanted to create a centerpiece that would truly stand out, while setting the tone for a festive gathering. The idea of a cookie wreath came to mind, but to help make it stand out, I decided to feature a pineapples and pink flamingos along with the iconic Santa Hat. I made sure to ask my local cookie artist to incorporate small elements to tie in the holiday on each cookie! The end result was simply perfect – and delicious.


If you’re hosting a dessert party this season, let this be the perfect centerpiece for your dessert table! Simply purchase fresh or artificial greens and create a wreathe shape. From there, layer with decorated sugar cookies. Again, we went with something trendy and fun, but feel free to choose a cookie theme you love! I went to a cookie artists for these particular cookies, but feel free to make your cookies at home too! Not only will you be able to show off your baking skills, but they will serve as the centerpiece that everyone gets to enjoy.

Styling by Denell Pepin

Photography by Megan Belanger 

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