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We strive each day to help women succeed and build the lives of their dreams! We believe in working hard to achieve success in all aspects of life, as does Emily Williams of I Heart My Life. Leaving her hometown in Ohio for new adventures in London, Emily has truly chased her dreams. We love her “seize the day” mindset! As a success coach, this extraordinary woman has helped many fulfill their goals. We are thrilled to have her with us to share her insights on how to look our dreams in the eye and make them our reality!

Here is Emily on her 11 steps to success:

Are you ready to go from a quarter-life crisis to creating the life of your dreams? Are you so over the pain of feeling confused, stuck, and uncertain of the life you thought you had all mapped out? Are you wondering when the good stuff that was supposed to be “right around the corner” is actually going to arrive? Do you have major career shame and feel embarrassed when people ask you what you do? Are you broke and dreaming of a life so much more you in every way?

I hear you, because I was that girl. I was the girl who cried night after night and felt too depressed to go out with her friends. I was the girl with major career shame who would do anything to avoid talking to her parents about her “plans” for the future. I was the girl who got broken up with and seemed to scare boys away. I was the girl who was $30,000 in credit card debt without a financial game plan.


But I was also a girl who wasn’t going to settle for a life any less than extraordinary.

Now, I’m the girl from Ohio who lives in London, England. Now, I’m the girl with her own 6-figure business working with clients all around the world. Now, I have a 4-bedroom dream flat in London–complete with chandeliers! Now, I’m the girl who will be traveling to Australia, Italy, France, Africa, and the US, this year alone. Now, I’m the girl who no longer has to say “I’d love to, but I can’t afford it” every other sentence. Now, I’m the face of an up-and-coming brand. Now, I’m the girl who can’t wait to tell her parents about the life and business she loves.


Sound too good to be true? Believe me, it’s possible, and I’m going to tell you how I made it happen and how you can too!

Before I take you through my own process, I need you to do something for me: Believe that all of the desires you have for your life right now exist for a reason, and the reason is they are possible for you.

Got it? After all, belief is the first step to getting the life you’ve always wanted and here are 11 more:


1. If you don’t know where to start, follow your heart.

In life, there are often moments where we can literally feel a shift–an opportunity opens up for us, a new desire develops, a chance meeting changes our life. That moment happened for me when I was 22 and on my way to Chicago. I was planning to get a master’s in counseling psychology at Northwestern University when I felt it. “It” was the feeling in the pit of my stomach, of life leading me into a different direction. I literally turned the car around and went back to Ohio. After turning down one of the best schools in the US, I entered into a quarter-life crisis and was miserable for a good few months. Luckily, I finally got a grip and realized that I had been given a major gift: a heart that was leading me. I chose to follow it.

2. Take steps (even if they’re baby steps).

Although I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life career-wise a few years ago, I knew I wanted to live in London, and I felt like my answers–whatever they may be–were there. So I set my sights on the UK, and I arrived at Heathrow two months later with four 50-pound suitcases, not a friend or family member in sight, and began the simple process of figuring out my life. I was 24, broke, and very confused, but I was in London and living there was the one thing I was sure of so I took that step.


3. Explore and engage.

Although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I continued to take massive action based on my interests and explored various possibilities. When I moved to London, I always wanted to write a book so I got an MA in non-fiction writing. Then I explored fashion journalism for awhile. After that, coaching is obviously the one that stuck. What I’m saying is, thinking about all of this isn’t going to bring you clarity. Clarity comes from being engaged in something, not from just thinking about it.

4. Hold the faith.

When I was young, I dreamed of marrying Price William. Since he was already taken by the time I moved to London, I continued the hunt for my own British prince. I met my husband online (after a lot of work putting myself out there on date after date). I never lost the faith that true love was meant for me and the same thing goes for success and doing something extraordinary with my life. I’ve always had faith that I was meant for something big.


5. Show gratitude.

Although my life didn’t go from quarter-life crisis to what I have today overnight, I learned from the great Oprah Winfrey just how important gratitude is, especially when things don’t seem to be working out. You see, thoughts become things, so the more you focus on the good stuff, the more you’ll get! (I did that even when I lived in a flat the size of a closet, and look at me now!)

6. Follow the signs.

Life will lead you in the right direction if you let it. I’ve always been a planner and dreamed big, but honestly, my life has turned out so much more incredible than I could have ever imagined. So look for the signs, pay attention, ask for guidance, expect big things, and be ready to be astonished and surprised.


7. Start before you’re ready.

Once life leads you to where you’re meant to go, just get started. When I realized that coaching was for me, and that it was what I wanted to devote my life to, I just got started. I didn’t care that I didn’t know how to build a website, do social media, send out a newsletter, create a PayPal button, or develop a coaching package. I live by the motto taught to me by one of my mentors: Everything is “figureoutable“‘ so just start.


8. Dismiss the fear.

One of the common threads in my line of work is fear. I meet so many incredible women who are allowing the fear to hold them back from their dreams. Is that you? In one of my favorite books, The Big Leap, the author says that “Fear is excitement without the breath.” Learn to look at fear in the eye and don’t back down. Take it as a sign that something life-changing (in a good way!) is about to happen.

9. Be really clear about what you desire.

Once you get started on your path, be really clear about what it is you’re dreaming about and desiring from your life. Write it out like you’re writing a letter to a friend and believe it’s possible for you. Believe, believe, believe like your life depends on it.


10. Investing in yourself and your dreams.

When I first started my business, I acted like a stubborn little girl with her arms folded across her chest saying she could do it all herself. Take it from me – don’t be that girl. There are people who have come before you who know a thing or two. Don’t delay your dreams; get the support you need to make them happen! I’ve chosen to literally surround myself with the best people in the world in my industry, which is why I’ve been able to create a 6-figure business in 6 months!

11. Uplevel and take leaps.

Once you get started towards your dreams, don’t yo-yo diet with them. Go for them full speed ahead! Continually seize opportunities, uplevel, and watch yourself step into the life you’ve always wanted. You’ve got this.

To you, being extraordinary and “hearting” your own life. Finally!




Photography by Amanda Julca

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