Here at BFFF, we’re all about sharing our favorite recipes, DIY projects, decor, entertaining tips, and so much more with you. In addition, we also love to let you peek into the lives of the creative experts that develop these recipes or design these projects.

Today, we’re offering you an exclusive look at entertaining with Ashley of Ice Milk Aprons. She’s sharing all of her secrets on how to host the perfect party!

Fave DIY decoration to make:

I like to get creative with how I label the food for parties. For my son’s 1st birthday, I found little bottle brush woodland animals and they held little kraft paper flags that announced each dish.

Fave location to host a party:

My house. I love keeping it intimate and personal, so there is no better place to entertain than by welcoming friends into your home.

Tip for simplicity:

Simple is key. All of my service pieces go together and are a mix of white / cream / wood / pewter so you can mix and match anything and make it work together. It is so much easier than using a lot of prints and colors that don’t go together or only work for certain occasions.

Best Kept Secret:

I like to get everyone involved in the entertaining. People love to know more about the story behind the recipe or contribute by bringing something of their own, and it makes it more of a collective experience for everyone.

Currently pulling inspiration from:

Pinterest of course (like everyone else ….), especially for food and special dishes. But I still keep true to my own personal style as well.

I can’t live without:

My friend Amy shared an Orzo Salad recipe with me, and it’s been my go-to dish ever since. It’s simply delicious and filled with flavors – and everyone always asks for the recipe!

Currently Shopping at:

I love collecting pieces that I can use over and over at antique stores, and I always use pieces that have been passed down to me over the years or that I have collected on my own.


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