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We are slowly but surely introducing Charlie to the internet world.  When I say slowly, I mean just a few safe apps that we truly trust.  The new Messenger Kids App was released and I could not wait for Charlie to use it. Every feature is soooo cool! This app literally has it all – you can do video calls with loved ones while using the fun with interactive masks, reactions and sound effects.  From the funny face filters to keeping in contact with trusted contacts only, I feel like every parent needs to know about how incredible this new app truly is! For the past couple weeks, Charlie and I have both had so much fun familiarizing ourselves with it. We are both equally excited about every single feature it offers. This fun app makes a great way for kids to nurture relationships with family and friends.  

When I was little, I would always send handwritten letters to my family and friends. I was obsessed with pretty stationary and the newest stamps. As much as I love keeping in touch old school, it’s not an effective way to have an ongoing conversation. I love that Charlie can use the Messenger Kids App to talk to family and friends. He can connect with his friends and relatives who are miles away and chat with his friends who have the app. I have full access on his contact list and messages, so I can monitor who he is connecting with and make sure everything he’s discussing is appropriate. Luckily, I haven’t seen anything that seems inappropriate, but I love that Messenger Kids lets me oversee his online activity. Having full control is a darn good thing as a parent. ;)  It makes me happy to see him connect with his buddies when he needs help with homework or just wants to talk about his day.


It was so easy for us to set up Messenger Kids. I simply downloaded the app, authenticated Charlie’s account with my own Facebook Messenger account (this did not create a Facebook account for Charlie), and then he was able to instantly connect with the contacts that I pre-approved. I can’t even tell you guys how many times I have to keep Charlie entertained while I’m working on the blog. Messenger Kids has become an entertainment lifesaver during these times! ;) I even used it as a distracting mechanism recently when we were at the doctor’s office and the kids were getting flu shots. I was so thankful that using the chef face filter totally calmed their nerves.

Charlie has been having so much fun playing with the mask frames and moving stickers that the Messenger Kids App has. Let me tell you, the panda mask is our absolute favorite! It will literally capture your face through the camera and transform you into a panda dancing to music. You have to try it! Over the weekend, we made a hilarious panda video together. We ended up sending it out to a bunch of people in our family. We could not stop laughing. I love how the app also allows you to save the cool pictures, videos and GIF’s you make on the app directly to your phone!

I LOVE the “Sleep Mode” option because it lets me ensure that Charlie does not get carried away using the app. I don’t have to play “bad guy” and make him get off the app – Sleep Mode does all the hard work for me! ;)



My only question is, where was this app when I was growing up?!  I am over the moon about the Messenger Kids App.  For more details, check out their Facebook page, then download it from the Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire app stores and have your family try it out! 

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    1. kp

      over the moon for a phone app for a kid? Wow get the child outside playing, biking……the children will no longer be able to interact with humans. This is not a good idea. Go swim, play baseball, kick a ball around, play horseshoes, swing on the swings…….bet ya won’t post my comment!


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