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Family Karaoke Party

 Ready for some karaoke party inspiration? Were bringing all the fun to celebrate the new season of The Masked Singer on FOX, complete with DIY masks and a party!

Raise your hand if you’ve watched The Masked Singer on FOX yet?! This is hands-down one of my favorite shows, and we love to watch it as a family. The kids love to see the fun masks used throughout the show, and I love to guess which celebrities are behind the identities. It’s our favorite Wednesday night activity as a family! I’ve been so hooked on this show that I decided it would be such a fun way to inspire a party at home, celebrating the premiere of an all new season. I’m so excited to share all of the details with you!


The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer on FOX, the #1 show on television, will be back soon with an ALL NEW SEASON. And I can definitely see why it’s #1. We’re obsessed over here! All of the singers are totally hidden from head-to-toe in the most elaborate costumes, completely covering their face with fun masks to conceal their identities! Season 4 is coming out strong with a star-studded cast and even more elaborate masks. It’s been such a fun, family-friendly guessing game in our house! My family and I can’t wait to watch the premiere coming up this Wednesday 9/23 at 8/7c.

Throwing a Karaoke Party

With more time at home than ever before, I wanted to put together a party the whole family could get involved in. So, in celebration of the new season, we had a karaoke party and made DIY masks to get ready for the season debut. It was SO much fun! I ended up ordering a balloon garland kit to put together and even set up a photo booth for the kids with blue metallic foil fringe curtains — the perfect backdrop for taking photos while singing in our finished masks!

We ended up making masks inspired by some of the upcoming characters in the new season. From the Snow Owls, the Crocodile, the Jellyfish, and the Seahorse to even Broccoli and Popcorn, the choices for inspiration were seriously endless. There are so many fun characters! We ended up choosing to make a Crocodile mask for Charlie and a Jellyfish mask for Claire inspired by the show.





Here’s how to make Charlie’s Crocodile mask! He picked out a sparkly reddish pink paper, with green for the eyes and gold for the teeth. We cut out the shape for the head, shapes for the teeth and eyes, and glued them all on. Don’t forget two little dots for the nose! We added ribbon to this guy, gluing a piece to each side of the mask so it will tie easily behind Charlie’s head. Want to make your own Crocodile mask like the one on The Masked Singer (sneak peek image below)? Follow their DIY Crocodile Mask Video Tutorial.





To make the Jellyfish mask, I decided to pull out a mixture of colored cardstock and construction paper. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE colorful scrapbook paper and cardstock! Claire picked out this super fun glitter cardstock. We cut out the paper in the shape of a Jellyfish. Then, we used a variety of pink and purple paper to add heart shaped eyes and even little eyebrows. Last, Claire picked out a pink gingham ribbon, and we glued a piece to each side of the mask, making for easy tying when it’s time for Claire to put it on!

This was such a fun night for the kids, getting to make their own DIY masks and celebrating family time. Want even more fun for your party celebrating The Masked Singer? FOX has launched a Family Fun Pack with coloring pages, word games and more. Grab all of the fun, a bowl of popcorn, and we’ll see you at the premiere!

This post was sponsored by The Masked Singer on FOX but all opinions are my own

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