Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas? We all know shopping for your dad or your husband can be a little bit tricky, but there are so many fun Father’s Day gift ideas out there! If you’re on the hunt for what to get dad for Father’s Day, this inspiration is for you!

ideas for fathers day

Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to celebrate! Who’s with me? Celebrating my dad and Andy is seriously one of my absolute favorite things to do. There’s just something so special about being able to celebrate all they do with fun Father’s Day gifts. Every year, we throw a big bbq at my parent’s house for the whole family. It’s such a great chance to all get together and celebrate all of the guys! We grill, give gifts, and have so much fun all together! But some years, figuring out what to get for Andy or for my dad can be tough! I always want to make sure I gift them something they’re going to use over and over again. Over the years, I’ve totally hit the nail on the head with a few gift ideas, and I want to share them all with you! Here’s a list of inspiration for you this year as you’re figuring out a great Father’s Day gift that they’ll be able to use for years to come!

1. Slotted Spatula

I got one of these Nonstick Slotted Spatulas years ago, and we will probably end up using it for the rest of our lives! ;) I fell in love with it so much that I bought one for my parents, Andy’s parents, and his grandma for Christmas. It is so sturdy – the perfect kitchen tool!

2. Self-Propelling Mower

My dad used to hate mowing the lawn for years and years, but I gifted him this Ego Power Dual Port Mower earlier this year and it has been a total gamechanger. He can start it with the push of a button, and it’s self-propelling. Now all he talks about is mowing the lawn! ;)

3. Island Shirt

Give your favorite guy a trip to Hawaii! ;) Or, at least gift him this Island Scene Shirt to get him in the island mood. This is such a fun pattern for summer. Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes!

4. Trimmer and Edger

This Ego Power Multi-Head Timmer and Edger does it all. This was another product I was so happy to gift to my dad earlier this year, and it has made his life so much easier. No more gas, hello battery! My dad has said he is never going back to old school lawn equipment again. And now my mom can barely get my dad inside anymore because he loves yard work so much! ;)

5. Backpack Blower

This Backpack Blower is the perfect option for tackling yard work! My dad has said he absolutely loves that he can charge it, and the battery lasts for hours! It seriously is 8 times quieter and weighs half the amount as most blowers. Plus, it’s so comfortable to wear, which makes a huge difference!

6. Denim Apron

Andy absolutely loves to cook! I saw a chef wearing this similar denim apron and thought it looked so cool. Perfect for the grill, plus, dark enough to hide most stains. Win-win!

7. Food Magazine Subscription

Andy absolutely loves his Bon Appétit subscription. My mom got one for him years ago, and he checks the mail looking forward to it every month! We have seriously found some of our forever favorite recipes from these magazines that we make all the time.

What are you planning to gift to your favorite guy this Father’s Day? I would love to hear all about your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas as well! Tell me all about it in the comments below! Happy celebrating, girlfriend!


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