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What a wild and fun adventure entrepreneurship is.  A couple weeks back, I finally spilled the sprinkles on a handful of brand changing steps we are taking to create the most cohesive brand possible.  Last week we launched the new Best Friends For Frosting. Get excited for fresh new (and pink) content coming soon!   Here’s the latest – I officially on-boarded our first employee and we’re continuing to build our own creative in-house team.  We are finally 100% creating our own content straight from our home office.  When Andy and I were looking for office spaces, we looked all over town.  Most offices wanted us to sign a 1-5 year lease, which was holding us back from choosing a space. We’re still in the process of finding our first home to buy so we decided to take a step back and convert our home office into our official team studio!   Does anyone remember when I originally turned the same space into an office 3 years ago and then turned it into Claire’s nursery last year?   It seems like our home studio was made to be an office!  It has an entire separate entrance from our home and it even has its own bathroom- not to mention it’s super bright and airy with lots of windows and two gigantic craft closets.  I feel so blessed that it worked out this way.

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Simplified Planner /  Pineapple Tray (ONLY $7.99)  / Kate Spade Watch / Sugar Paper Pen

When decorating the office, I wanted to make sure that everything matched the BFFF branding so that inspiration would flow throughout all of the projects we create.  The majority of the things in my office are either from Target, IKEA, or online.  The funny thing is, before I started blogging, I always assumed that creating an amazing space would break the bank  – but I was wildly surprised to learn how easy it is to plan a creative space on a budget.  I’ve also learned that it’s really smart to buy everything at once so that you can create a cohesive theme versus having a bunch of mismatched items.  This has been an absolute blast!

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white, flowers, white flowers, home office, office space, home decorating, floral arrangement, minimalist, white and pink

Okay, and I have ask…did I miss any pink / clear / gold / white office accessories?  Please tell me! I am still adding on fun details to the office as I find them and would love to know about any cute additions that I might be missing!




Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Two Twenty Photos.

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