I’ve never met a pink house I didn’t like! Just kidding, I’m totally pulling your leg. I’ve actually seen plenty of pink houses that aren’t my cup of tea. But, when a pink house is very well executed, I either have to snap a photo in real life or pin it on Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, we just hit 100K+ friends. If you haven’t joined us yet, it’s literally a party over here as it’s one of my FAVORITE social media outlets besides Instagram (of course). As Andy and I are still house hunting, today I am passing the time by curating my fave pink houses on the internet. Now, if only I could get each and every one of you to crash one of these houses and throw the biggest pink party ever- of course with tassel garlands and lots of heart shaped balloons!  :) A girl can dream, right?! Sending you all bear hugs from sunny Sacramento!  =)
Elise’s NEW pink house is totally my FAVORITE pick on the internet. I love the green against the white and pink. These are ALL my favorite colors this year! (via Elsie Larson)
Sorry Andy… I’m moving to Mexico ASAP! J/K!  (Via My Domaine)
This house reminds me of Charleston big time! (via Magnolia Merryweather)
I remember this house from the neighborhood I grew up in. ;)  It’s in a neighborhood called Land Park! I’ve done photoshoots in front of this house twice! Find more pictures via Best Friends For Frosting!
Andy and I have literally put only one offer in on a home over the past 2 years. A BIG reason why I did it was because of the interior inspiration from this picture. It helped me push past the “fixer upper” condition and really allowed me to see the charm and potential. I am pretty sure there needs to be a hashtags #ElsieDoesItAgain! (via A Beautiful Mess)
And last but not least, my favorite pink house in Sacramento! It was actually for sale earlier last year. I’ve done quite a few photoshoots over here in hopes that the new family would adopt me (just kidding). More photos over here via Best Friends For Frosting.


Images 1, 5, & 7 by Two Twenty Photos

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