Looking for a way to liven up a sweet but simple cake? These flower cake toppers are a fun and festive way to finish off your dessert! Try any color combination you like for a cake decoration that works well for any celebration.



-Crepe paper sheets (green and any other color of your choice)

-6-inch bamboo skewers

-Glue gun

-Acrylic paint (optional)



1. Cut a piece of the colored crepe paper into a 1 by 12 inch strip. Make sure you cut the paper so that the crinkles or grain are running across the width of the strips. Once you’ve cut it, stretch out one side. The paper should start to curl.

2. Make small cuts about every 1/8 inch on the side of the strip you stretched out. Cut approximately 3/4 of the way down leaving about 1/4 to 1/8 inch of the other side of the strip uncut (This will be the side you’ll glue to the bamboo skewer).


3. After you’ve cut the strip, glue it onto the bamboo skewer. Start at the end of the skewer and use the glue gun to put a drop of glue about 1/8 inch from the top, then attach the side of the crepe paper strip that’s uncut.

4. After you’ve secured the paper to the skewer, start wrapping the paper around the end, adding a drop of glue about every 1/2 inch. As you wrap the paper around the stick, gradually go down the skewer so that the end of the paper stops about an inch down from the top of the skewer. When you’re done, bend the paper strips down to form a ball shape. You can cut it to give it more of a round shape if desired.


5. For the leaf, cut a piece of the green paper into a roughly 2 by 2 inch square. From that square, cut out the shape of a leaf. Stretch out the crepe paper, and twist one end of the leaf shape to make the stem.


6. Add a drop of glue to the stem, and attach it to the skewer at the base of your flower.


7. If desired, use multiple colors to decorate your cake. For a different effect, you can paint half of the crepe paper strip in a contrasting color to make it two-tone.


What color scheme would you use for your crepe-paper cake toppers?


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