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Valentine’s Heart Cookies

These past couple of days have been filled to the brim with fondant projects around here. We’ve been having so much fun exploring different ways to take fondant to a whole new level of fun! I have a confession… Usually I make my sugar cookies from scratch, but because Valentine’s is so close, and the grocery store has plain heart sugar cookies, I totally caved and bought them. The truth is, when you’re entertaining or creating content on a bind, not everything has to be perfect.  ;)
These cookies were so incredibly easy to make!  A little edible golf leaf and fondant goes a heck of a long way. These stunning cookies came out in just minutes. All your need is your favorite sugar cookies, a heart cookie cutter for the fondant, fondant, and some edible gold leaf and you will have these gorgeous cookies ready in minutes!
Shortly after we photographed them for the blog, I ended up bringing them over to my mother in-law’s house for my niece Paisley’s 5th birthday! First we’re in February, and now my niece is turning 5…. I know I say this often, but where does the time go? Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and I will always be a firm believer that time is the BEST gift you can ever give anyone.
I hope you’re all gearing up to have an incredible Valentines Day! Sending you all bear hugs right from my laptop!!!


– Rolling pin
– Heart cookie cutter
– Fondant
– Gold leaf
– Two soft brushes
– Honey
– Pre-made sugar cookies- or store-bought ;)

1. Roll your fondant out flat, then use the heart cookie cutter to create a heart shape.
2. Brush a small amount of honey on the top of your heart cookie and put your heart shaped fondant on top of the cookie.
3. Brush a small amount of honey onto the fondant.
4. Very gently lay the gold leaf on top of your fondant. It should cover most of the cookie.
5. With the excess gold leaf, use your dry brush to fill in any spots of the cookies that are not covered.

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