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French Macarons are taking American bakeries by storm! Traditionally found in the window of every French Pâtisserie, these lightly sweet, incredibly delectable treats are now a hit on dessert tables across the country. They can be colored and flavored to match any occasion, which is part of the reason they are so popular! Baking the perfect macaron shell can be tricky, but with practice anyone can get it right! Check out this round up of macarons not only for the one-of-a-kind flavor inspirations, but also for tips and tricks from bakers who have the know-how!


Blood Orange French Macarons are an exotic treat that people will be excited to try! And apparently they go great with zombie movies! (via Baking Perfection)


These beautifully colored and decorated French Macarons are dressed up with gold dust and ready to be center of attention on a dessert table! (via Miss Renaissance)


Bi-colored macarons are so beautiful and impressive! These Macarons des Neiges Eternelles, or Eternal Snow, are flavored with French tea. (via A Taste of My Life)


Mixed Candy Macarons are an interesting, new twist on the classic treat. Kids young and old will be delighted with this treat! (via The Moonblush Baker)


A classic French Macaron with Nutella filling will please everyone. Give this a try if you’re a beginner at baking macarons. (via The Tales of My Cooking)


These sweet, pink Strawberry Macarons use an Italian meringue-style mixing method. The result is a delicious macaron with a tender shell. (via Krissy’s Creations)


The nuttiness in these Pecan Macarons comes from using pecan flour instead of traditional almond flour. If you are a pecan lover, these are a must-try! (via Building Buttercream)


These decadent German Chocolate Macarons are for serious chocolate lovers only! (via Bakeaholic Mama)


Browned Butter Burnt Sugar French Macarons have a beautiful brown color and buttery flavor. A perfect treat for all those browned butter fans! (via Design. Bake. Run. )


Using peanut flour in place of the almond flour gives these PB & J Macarons just the peanuty kick they need! This is such a fun treat to share! (via Pizzarossa)


Lemon Macarons with Blackberry Mascarpone Filling are a fresh take on this traditional cookie. Topping the macaron off with sprinkles will give it a festive finish! (via Better Homes & Gardens)


These bright pink French Macarons with Raspberry Ganache would be so perfect at a baby or bridal shower! Guests would not be able to keep their hands off them! (via Grace’s Sweet Life)


If you are looking for a sweet, salty, buttery treat, then these Sea Salt Caramel Macarons will satisfy you! (via The Little Epicurean)


The beautiful shade of green in these Grasshopper Macarons are enough to catch anyone’s eye. Add in the fresh minty taste and this is one heavenly macaron! (via The Moonblush Baker)


The striking contrast of pink and green in these Strawberry Mint Macarons will be an attention getter on any dessert table. Not to mention the amazing flavor combination that will cause people to ask just how you made them! (via Whatever’s Left)

What is your favorite Macaron flavor?





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