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Every kid has a sweet tooth that screams to be satisfied. But sometimes, having a sweet treat is all about moderation, right? Then you better make that dessert extra special and fun. Today, we’ve rounded up some perfect desserts for kids that are just as creative as they are delicious. Use these to plan for a birthday or for a simple afternoon snack. Either way, you’re sure to please any child’s sweet tooth.


Won’t let your kids eat sugary cereals for breakfast? These Trix Krispie Treats are the perfect compromise. Offer it to them as a sweet snack! (via Cravings of a Lunatic)


We know you’re familiar with this treat. These homemade Farm Animal Cookies look just like the classic cookies you can buy in the store. What a perfect sweet snack when you’re on the go. (via Cheeky Kitchen)

Using edible markers, just like on this Rainbow Doodle Cake, is such a great way for kids to get creative and personalize their sweet treats. (via Sweetapolita)


Adding chocolate, sprinkles, and a bit of whipped cream is definitely a fun way to dress up fruit.  Make these Banana Bites for the perfect snack! (via Kids Kubby)


These Lego Cake Pops are perfect for the boy who likes to build things. They’re sure to remind him of his favorite building blocks, but in a fun dessert form! (via 1 Fine Cookie)

What are some of your favorite desserts for kids?


  1. Thanks so much for including my krispies. I appreciate the link love. Can I just say I made the biggest “squee” sound over those animal cookies. Those are amazing. And that cake is just too cute for words. And I’m always crushing on Lori Lange. She looks so much like Elizabeth Shue I can barely stand it. She’s such a nice lady, totally dig her.

  2. There’s a recipe on the box, yet we made Cinnamon Animal Crackers from The
    Good Cookie, my favored cookie cookbook.

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