One of the best parts of DIY projects is that there is always room to grow. Everyone needs to revamp their decorations once in a while, and that includes the classics of Christmastime! Are you ready to decorate your tree with fun, sparkly additions that will leave your old ornaments in the dust? Try out this fun idea by our DIY contributor, Melissa of The Sweet Escape. Here’s what she has to say about her burst of ornament inspiration:

“It’s time to get crafty this holiday season! I’m usually a big fan of Christmas tradition (lots of red, gold, and silver), but this year I decided to go modern and do a bright and bold holiday theme. With the red ornaments staying in storage, I needed some color to go along with the gold and silver. You don’t need to go out and spend a bunch of money to change up your theme. Sometimes all you need is some paper and glitter! Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make these modern and colorful ornaments for your tree.”




– Template (download here)
– Bristle board or card stock in the colors of your choice
– White glue
– Glitter
– Exacto knife
– Ruler
-Double sided tape
– Needle and thread

geo paper ornaments 6


1. Print out the template on card stock and trace it on your colored bristle board.
2. Score the fold lines with a knife to make the folded edges crisp.
3. Fold along the lines and add glue or double-sided tape to the flap.

(It may look a little like a puzzle at this point, but they’ll be beauties once you adhere all the flaps!)



4. It’s time to jazz them up with some glitter! What doesn’t look better with glitter? Cover the sides you want to be sparkly with glue, then sprinkle with glitter.


(Doing every other side in glitter looks fab enough, but feel free to go gaga with your glitter!)

5. Lastly, use a needle to thread some gold or silver line through the top of your ornament so it can hang on your beautiful tree.


Instant holiday decor update! Enjoy your new ornaments and have yourself a wonderful holiday season!

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