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Who doesn’t need some health motivation in their life?! Anna Victoria has the inside scoop on how she successfully got fit and how you can, too! After going through a major health transformation and receiving tons of questions, she became inspired to write an eBook to help those who were in need of some health and fitness advice. With a loyal Instagram following of 766,000, a YouTube channel, and a fit body program, she is one seriously busy lady! Expanding her brand while keeping up with her fitness routines does not seem like an easy task. Anna Victoria is such an inspiration to us here at Best Friends For Frosting and we know she will be for you also. Check out our newest Get It Girl below!



You ran into health issues when you were in your early 20’s and consuming strictly junk food. What made you decide to start your own business and spread the word about being healthy?

When I first started eating healthy and exercising, I never imagined it would one day lead me to a future career of helping people on their own fitness journey. After being on my own journey for about a year and taking in virtually every piece of health and fitness related information I could find and study, I began getting asked for advice from hundreds of people a day through my Instagram page. At the time I had about 250,000 followers. I really tried to help people, I would write long notes of what I felt to be the most important aspect of my journey and copy and paste that response to anyone who asked, I felt like I was doing my best to help people with what I was given. After some time, I realized this was not efficient nor sustainable for the time I was spending on replying to hundreds of people a day. This is when I decided to compile all that information, research, and my experience into my first ebooks.

I also felt that since I had gone through a transformation myself (more a health transformation than a physical transformation) I knew I could relate to people on a much deeper level and this set my advice apart, you could call it my competitive advantage, from other nutritionists and personal trainers. I was being told on a regular basis that my plans and advice had helped them way beyond what past professionals had told them, while I would never knock the advice of a professional, I do think having had gone through a transformation on my own simply helped me connect to people more, and therefore help push them through their journey.


What advice do you have for those starting completely from scratch on eating clean and staying fit? In what ways can we start small, but still see results?

Small changes absolutely can amount to big results over time. I think it’s all about doing what you feel will help you be the most successful. For some people, like myself, I needed to change my habits cold turkey. I couldn’t half allow myself some junk food (since before my diet was exclusively junk food) and half eat healthy. I needed to do a strict overhaul of my habits and totally remove the processed foods in order for my body and my taste to start adjusting to healthy food. However, changing all your eating habits at once doesn’t always work for some, and that’s ok! For anyone looking to make small, but incremental changes, I would recommend starting with cutting fast food and soda. Then begin to cook 75% of your meals at home. Then begin to “healthify” those meals a bit.  Each week you should make an effort to do better and improve your habits. As long as you push yourself each week, that’s all that matters. It’s really easy for us to get comfortable or complacent, and if you are serious about improving your health and getting results, you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit. It’s scary in the beginning, but you will realize what amazing things can happen when you push yourself! It’s not just about eating healthy. It’s about pushing yourself to do something you never thought you would, and succeeding. You begin to see how capable you are as a person, and you begin to go after things, even non-health and fitness related things that help you succeed in other areas of your life.


Your guides are amazing and have transformed bodies all over the world! How did you spread the word about your guides and what lead to their popularity?

Sharing my own journey is what mainly attracts people to my page which eventually leads them to my guides. From there, my client results show them just how effective a proper training program and meal plan can be. Often times, someone will be following me for months and months, and they could see a ton of transformation posts and never bite the bullet, and one day…it hits them. If these women who are working, studying, have families to take care of can do it, why not me?? Everyone needs to get to that point for themselves, no one is going to do it for them.


How do you stay motivated on the days that you just want to be lazy, watch TV and eat junk food?

You mean every day? Just kidding. I have those days more often than you would think, but following my guides is always what has kept me on track. Knowing that I have a set workout to do and specific meals to eat helps keep me focused and prepared. Even on the crazy days I’m not prepared, I just make the best decisions I can in the moment. And then on those horrible days nothing is going right, I will just take a day. Those days are bound to happen and you can’t fight them, the more you do the longer they can drag out. When that happens I will take the time I need and recoop so the next day I am ready to go again!

What is your favorite, but also healthy, cheat snack?

I love melting chocolate with fruit. I try to healthify it a bit and go with dark chocolate, and I’ll chop up some strawberries and bananas. It’s so simple and it takes care of my sweet tooth!




What is the best piece of advice you have ever received that has had the greatest effect on your business?

The greatest piece of advice I received was in regards to my problems with wanting to do it all. I would spend hours on the most simple and tedious tasks because I wanted to be sure it was done the way I wanted. I realized we can only do so much as one human being when I was told that you create your own ceiling when you try to do it all. You can only achieve so much as a one person team. I had to let go a bit and learn to trust my team to do just as good of a job, for the best interest of my clients.


What is next for Anna Victoria Fit?

I am looking to expand my brand outside of Instagram. I  have some exciting things in the works so hopefully there will be more to discuss in the near future!

How do you stay up to date with the latest fitness crazes and how do they affect your business?

I am always hearing about a new workout style or fad diet. New workout styles, I think are exciting and I will test new methods out to see if I feel it can benefit my clients in any way, or if it’s something I already have incorporated into my training guides. But I am strongly against fad diets. I do need to know what diets are out there for when I work with a client who had tried it before or is inquiring about it, but beyond that my clients know that my style of healthy eating is the most sustainable way to lose weight and live a healthy life. I think people actually make eating too complicated, I try to make it uncomplicated and just focus on eating healthy, and the right portions for each individual.


Photography by: Luca Esposito


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