We believe in taking the big leap, going against the odds, and chasing your dreams. We love to meet women who don’t wait for things to happen, and create their own opportunities instead. Emily Williams is just that kind of girl! We had a chance to really get to know her and learn how she started her own success coaching business, I Heart My Life. After completing her bachelor’s in psychology, Emily was all set to get her master’s in counseling psychology until she had her “a-ha” moment. Instead, Emily followed her heart and whisked herself off to London to live her dreams, which led her to start I Heart My Life. In less than 3 months she was making six figures doing what she loves! Get ready to be inspired by our current Get It Girl:
You took a huge risk deciding not to go to school for your masters as planned, and then took an even bigger risk by heading off to London! What advice do you have for women who feel paralyzed in their everyday lives and are looking for that sign to take a big risk?
I know it sounds cheesy, but follow your heart and don’t let fear or anyone else’s opinion get in the way. I’ve always trusted my own instincts and have gone for my dreams despite not always understanding what was on the other side or being understood by those in my life. If something interests you, give it a try. I think it helps to remember that nothing is set in stone. I remember my mom telling me before I moved that if it didn’t work out, I could always come back home.
On your website, you talk about hearing the call of life coaching which led you to the creation of I Heart My Life. Can you tell us a little bit about that “ah-ha” moment and how women can be more present to recognize it in every day life?
It’s funny because when I first discovered coaching, I joined a certification program and actually ended up not liking the industry because the program wasn’t a good fit. However, when I stumbled upon the women who are now my mentors, I knew that that was the type of coaching I was meant for. So I think being really aware of the things that light you up is important, and then being open to exploring them is key.  I’ve learned that clarity comes from taking action and giving something a try–not thinking about it year after year. I’ve also learned that if I have a desire in my heart or something pulling me, then it’s meant for me.
What has been your biggest challenge in the process of starting your own business? How did you overcome it?
Time has definitely been my biggest challenge. I’m still working on this one because I’m someone who would literally work all hours of the day if my husband let me. I’ve been repeating the mantra “I always have enough time for all of my desires,” and I’m a big to-do List sort of person. Those two things are helping, but it’s a work in progress.
Who are you some of your role-models and why?
Marie Forleo, Oprah, and Gina DeVee. Gina is my one-on-one coach in her Millionaires Program, and I’m in multiple other programs that she runs as well. She showed me what was possible in the world of coaching and has shown me how to truly live a life I’m excited about versus just settling. For so long I told myself that I was “okay” not being able to shop, travel, go out to eat in London, but I really wasn’t. I’m not meant for a life of browsing!
Marie Forleo has inspired me to create an online program that’s as big (if not bigger) as B-School. I love her branding and her business structure. And Oprah. Well, there aren’t enough words! My dream is to collaborate with her on something one day. All three of these women showed me what was possible for my life and showed me that it’s possible now–not 10 years from now. And once you make the decision to make something your reality today, that changes everything. I’m no longer available to wait to be happy.
What would you say are the most important key elements to increasing a woman’s self confidence in the workplace?
When it comes to confidence, I think women need to throw perfection out the window. For example, I read in the book The Confidence Code that men will go for job opportunities when they feel 60% qualified for the role, whereas women have to feel 100% qualified to even apply. Think about how many opportunities we’re missing out on by waiting for that 100%–a 100% that will most likely never come! Once again, I think it’s all about giving something a shot and believing that if there’s this little voice inside you that’s curious about something new or longing for a raise or an opportunity, trust that it’s meant for you and go for it!
What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Success is 99.9% an inside job. (i.e. Your mindset.)
What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business, but aren’t fully committed to leaving their day job yet?
I’d actually highly recommend you don’t leave your day job until you’re able to cover all of your bills and business expenses with the money you’re making in your business. There’s nothing worse than getting on the phone with potential clients and feeling so worried about how you’re going to pay for your rent, or for food. When you’re desperate to make a sale, you come off clingy and needy, and that’s not attractive. Plus, it’s great to have extra money to invest in getting your business off the ground! It was obvious when I was meant to leave my day job, and it will be for you too. Just hold tight until you’re ready.
Emily-Paris Emily-Happy-Couple Emily-Romantic-Paris-Getaway
Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Amanda Julca.
NAME – Emily Williams
AGE – 29
LOCATION – American living in London, England
TITLE – Entrepreneur and Success Coach
INSTAGRAM – iheartmylifenow

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