One thing at Best Friends For Frosting that we love is everything glam- which is exactly what Jasmine Hoffman is! She is the definition of girly and everything that glitters. She has turned her passion of doing makeup into a successful career as a professional makeup artist. She has done makeup for celebs such as Jessica Alba and Amanda Bines. She helps women shine and feel confident everyday. We are so thrilled to be featuring her as our Get it Girl, photographed exclusively by Nomo of Simply Sweet Photography. See how a Best Friends For Frosting Get it Girl Jasmine makes dreams come true:
Be creative, passionate, and patient. - Jasmine Hoffman
How and when did you discover that you wanted to pursue a career in makeup artistry? When was that special moment that you realized you wanted to turn your passion into your career?

I’ve always been into art and a very creative girl. I started off painting when I was very young and originally wanted to get into set design in the movie industry. When I started exploring my options I discovered Vancouver film school back in 2000 they had an amazing film and television make up course. That’s when I discovered my passion for makeup and beauty.

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What advice do you have for Get It Girls who are looking to pursue their passion in the makeup artist, hair or stylist industry, but aren’t sure where to start?

Be creative, passionate, and patient. The beauty industry is a very fulfilling job. The feeling you get from teaching someone how to enhance their beauty is an amazing feeling. My advice to girls wanting to get into the beauty industry is don’t forget to have fun and always try to learn something new. Keep up with trends and new products. Also, don’t forget to listen to your clients!

doing-makeupI am what you see and stay true to that. - Jasmine Hoffman beauty-products

What would you say is your unique and competitive edge that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I would say my clients are repeat clients of mine that I’ve seen for years and they always come back to me because I give them flawless skin and I do beautiful soft smoky eyes. My favorite technique is a feathered wing liner with tight line and mink lashes.

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Tell us about your very first paid job as a makeup artist? What have you learned about your business since that very first gig?
My first job out of make up school was for a local actress in Vancouver who was filming a commercial. We became good friends and now even though she lives in New York, every time she comes to Vancouver she visits me to get her makeup done.
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Your website looks great! Tell us a little bit about how you have built your personal brand over the years and what you think has been the most impactful piece of marketing or PR for your business to date?

I’m not afraid to be girly and sparkly, I am what you see and stay true to that. My clients know that I love sparkle and I wear it daily. The most impactful part of my marketing is working with others U admire and we all promoted each other to grow our brands like my favorite designers Elsa Corsi from Jeweliette, Little Pink Dress Designs, Beautulleful, and Partyskirts.

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What makeup artists do you look up to and how do they impact your day to day work?

I look up to artists who create the products I love to use daily Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Stila, and Armani.

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What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

You can’t please everyone, just do what you do best!

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 Where do you go or what do you do to get inspired and re-ignite your passion for your craft when you are feeling creatively stumped?
I love getting inspiration from Paris fashion week, Vogue magazines, and  by movies full of glamour and beautiful make up. One of my favs is the movie Marie Antoinette.
Photography by Nomo of Simply Sweet Photography

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