Here at BFFF, we’re all about achieving our dreams and making things happen. We know that without hard work and determination, a goal can never be achieved. So today, we’re here to give you that extra little push, and to offer tips on how to get things started.

We’ve asked Lara Casey of Lara Casey Media to share three of her top tips for making big things happen. As the creator of the Making Things Happen movement and the author of Make it Happen (now available for pre-order), Lara Casey knows first-hand that no dream is too big to turn into a reality. As an entrepreneur, she built her brand from the bottom up, and she is passionate about helping others do the same. Through tips for success, classes, and her popular, inspirational PowerSheets, Lara Casey is helping entrepreneurs everywhere to achieve their goals!

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Lara Casey - photo by Cyn Kain

Lara Casey’s 3 Tips for Making Things Happen:

1. Not everything needs to be written down before you do it. Sometimes you need to just do stuff. A lot of people say they get great satisfaction out of crossing something off of a list. I totally get that, and, at the same time, I think there is more satisfaction to be gained from actually doing things. (You can always go back and write it on a list just to cross it off — don’t tell me you haven’t done that before, because I have!) Sometimes I wake up with my mental to-do list, and I just start doing it rather than planning it. We do far too much planning and thinking about things, and then they never get done, right? The quickest way to do things is to do them.

lara casey - Nancy Ray

2. Kill the “Big List.”  I only allow 3-5 things to be on my action list each day or I get completely overwhelmed. I used to keep my big to-do list out on my desk, and I felt defeated at the end of the day, even if I crossed off ten things. You don’t need to see your big list every day, just the immediate priorities. Read more about how to conquer the Big List here. Keep your daily lists small, realistic, and actionable.

Lara Casey - Landon Jacob 2

3. Make things “Actionable.” Making things “actionable” means writing your to-dos in a way that helps you visualize yourself doing them clearly.  For instance, instead of writing “cover release” on my list today, I changed it to read “write behind-the-scenes blog post text and short newsletter text for book cover reveal.” That is do-able, realistic, and specific. Just having “cover release” is non-specific and overwhelming. Re-write your to-dos so that they are clear, actionable, and you can just glance at them and have confidence that you can conquer that task!


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 Photography: Photo 1: Gina Zeidler, Photo 2: Cyn Kain, Photo 3: Nancy Ray, Photo 4: Landon Jacob, Photo 5: Lara’s Instagram

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