Girl’s Night In

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For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED girl’s nights in! My mom and I used to do these ALL the time. I also love love loved having all my girlfriends over for sleepovers. I can remember it like it was yesterday – ordering pizza, grabbing dessert and popping popcorn, and having a slumber party! Fast forward many years later, and I still make time to do this! ;)

The older I get, the busier I get. I have just a handful of girlfriends who I am really close to. I’ve also grown really close to my team. I couldn’t imagine BFFF without them! We have SO much fun and still manage to get work done. ;) Work hard, play hard, right?!

Whenever we have any sort of team party, I always get so competitive with the desserts I serve. As many of you know, BFFF did originate as a dessert website, and years before BFFF, I actually worked at 3 different bakeries to gain experience to open my own. I am OBSESSED with desserts!!

My dad (who is also obsessed with desserts) got me hooked on EDWARDS® Desserts a couple months back, and I can’t stay away!! No seriously, they’re THAT good!!! Diet starts Monday, right?! ;)

Here’s the low down (you can thank me later): if you’re looking for a decadent dessert that everyone will love at your next bash, THIS is it! I bought one of my all-time favorites – Key Lime Pie! This pie has the most perfect velvety layers and crushed cookie crust – as easy as one-two-thaw!! No need to spend hours and hours in the kitchen to attempt this bad boy because EDWARDS® Desserts are impossible to duplicate in the kitchen. This pie literally tastes like it was purchased from an upscale bakery – no exaggeration! I feel like I’m bringing my A-game every time I show up with one of these amazing pies!! Did I mention it pairs so well with rosé?!

Entertaining is never supposed to be hard. You can grab one of these pies from the freezer section at the grocery store, display it on your favorite cake stand, and serve it to all your guests! Too easy!! I must admit, I’ve never found a frozen dessert from the grocery store that tasted this good! Seriously high quality! I am buying another one for a party this weekend. I can’t wait to bring these treats to all of my summer parties. They’re that good!

And on a totally random note, does anyone remember Clueless? We ended up watching it during our girls night in. I am laughing as I type this! I remember always idolizing Cher, and I actually said “whatever” in a valley girl voice A LOT after I first watched this movie. I am pretty sure I annoyed just about everyone I came into contact with during that time period. ;) It’s a classic, and I think it’s never going out of style!

For our next flick, I am thinking maybe The Breakfast Club or She’s All That! I am such a sucker for 80s and 90s chick flicks! Anyone else obsessed too?

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