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Glitter Pumpkin Place Cards


Fall is definitely upon us, and we can’t wait to get crafting! As you’re gearing up for your Halloween celebration, or working on your Thanksgiving plans, be sure to add this gorgeous DIY to the mix. We’re thrilled to have Katie Taylor from Spray Paint and Chardonnay with us today to share these fantastic Glittered Pumpkin Place Cards. Here’s what she has to say:

Fall is in the air!  To me, fall signifies the beginning of the holiday season, which in my home, is synonymous with ‘the entertaining season.’  With so many occasions to celebrate, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that hosting entails, but it doesn’t have to be!  This simple and festive DIY is perfect for any autumnal gathering and is certain to wow your guests–and you get to use glitter! Additionally, when the party’s over, everyone can take theirs home as a small keepsake for the season.”




– Small pumpkins

– Painter’s tape

– Gold craft paint

– Small paintbrush

– Gold glitter

– Beading wire

– Scissors

– White card stock (or heavy weight paper)


pumpkins paint-pumpkins

1. With painter’s tape, tape off each pumpkin about halfway, making sure to firmly press down into all of the crevices, so that your paint won’t bleed through.  You can make some pumpkins horizontal, others diagonal — get creative!


2. Once you’ve taped off your pumpkin, paint the bottom portion gold with craft paint.  This might require a couple of coats to fully cover your pumpkin.


3. With the last layer of paint still wet, generously sprinkle gold glitter onto the painted portion.  I even rolled my pumpkin in the excess glitter to make sure it was good and sparkly!  The wet paint will act as glue and the glitter will securely adhere once the paint is dry.

4. After your pumpkin has fully dried, gently tap the pumpkin to knock off any excess glitter.   Using either the end of your paint brush or a pencil, tightly wrap beading wire around the end.  Wrap a section a little longer than the length of the pumpkin stem.


The coiled wire should perfectly slip onto your stem, leaving a little extra wire for you to bend to hold your place card.  To make the place card, cut white card stock into 1 in. x 2 in.  rectangles. Write  (or print) the names of each of your guests on the cards, and place them into the holders.  And voila! You’re done! Happy Fall!



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