It’s easy to make poor breakfast decisions. Short on time before class or work? Once you grab that coffee shop muffin, you’ve set yourself up for not-so-great decisions throughout the day. That’s why we’ve rounded up the healthiest breakfast options so you can set your day up right! Not only are all of these meals packed with nutrients but they are also tasty and easy to make at home.

Make this pumpkin paleo granola in advance for a healthy and fast breakfast. (via J Chong Studio)


How great are these berry breakfast pops for summer? Perfect for humid and sunny days! (via Take A Megabite)


Nothing like an egg white omelette to fill you up and keep you focused! (via Luv Skinny)


Get nutty with these whole wheat and walnut pancakes. Filling and full of fiber! (via Good Things Grow)


This raw vegan bowl featuring acai berries is quick to prepare since it requires no cooking! (via Patrice D’Agosinto)


Make these quinoa cakes as a perfect base for spinach and a poached egg! (via What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today)


Sausage, spinach, and cheese are all wrapped up in these neat little egg muffins! Perfect for measuring individual portions! (via Two Peas In Their Pod)


We love single skillet meals, like this gluten-free breakfast made up of whole foods. (via Cannelle Vanille)


These oatmeal cups are perfect for cooking in bulk for a week of breakfasts, and they’re vegan! (via Coffee and Quinoa)



A new take on eggs florentine, this bruschetta for breakfast has baby spinach and goat cheese with an egg on top. (via Martha Stewart)


Bacon, avocado, kale tacos for breakfast might be the best twist on the breakfast burrito ever! (via Alaska From Scratch)

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast recipe? Tell us in the comments!

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