Buying your girlfriends gifts for the holidays is sweet, but there is nothing like having them all over for a big, boozy brunch! We are absolutely in love with this cream and gold brunch that Lyndi of Style Calling threw for her blogger babes. With festive macarons, place settings, and amazing food, your friends will definitely not be disappointed! The gorgeous centerpiece is seriously easy to make but looks impressive and is absolutely perfect for the holidays. Keep it out on your table after to keep the spirit alive! Check out what Lyndi has to say below:


Making a Christmas wishlist used to be such a magical thing – remember the weeks of waiting and the magic of seeing your friends’ faces when they opened an amazing surprise gift? So do we. And as much as we love that online shopping allows us to access everything we could possibly want all while sitting on the couch in sweatpants, we have to admit, it has taken a bit of the anticipation out of Christmas, because we almost all have everything. And what we don’t have, we’re likely to pop into an online shopping cart before anyone can give it to us as a gift. There is still one thing we all need, that money can’t buy: time. 
This holiday season, instead of searching for the perfect gift for each of your girlfriends, give them something wonderful that they can’t buy online – a beautifully decorated brunch. With hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows, serve baked eggs and a crepe cake that is as delicious as it is pretty. And, okay, small personalized gifts, too, because everyone still loves seeing a gift tag with their name on it. You’ll have your girls feeling festive in a flash a cream and gold color theme, and our recipes are sure to have them asking for seconds, too…

cursive-paris-mug tea-house-cookies festive-macaroons champagne-brunch-cheers decorative-cookies


Photography by: Matthew Burditt
Creative Director: Lyndi Barrett
Food Styling by: Style x Beauty Department
Makeup by: Katie Elwood
Hair by: Erin Klassen
Bloggers: Lyndi from Style Calling, Cee from Coco & Vera, Oz and Tarah from Style x Beauty Department, Aleesha from Covet & Acquire, Trina from Trina Duhra Channel 
Table Decor: Indigo
Jewelry by: Olive + Piper
Macarons: Faubourg Bakery
Gingerbread Houses: Love Sugar

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