An invitation should bring a smile and a friendly reminder. They’re meant to welcome guests to a party and let hosts share their personal flair. Oh, and one more thing: they have plenty of room for details! Often invitations are short on a few important elements like style of dress, occasion appropriation, and venue. Don’t let that happen with these gorgeous invitations! Choose which one is perfect for your party and tell your guests everything they need to know.

Love your children with all your heart… and precious metals, too! We recommend gold. (via Cheree Berry Paper)

A black background is the ultimate backdrop for graphics. Lay on the color and then make a reversible print with damask. (via Elizabeth Baddeley Illustration)

Miss Manners says that “courtesy is always proper” – even for a play date. Upcycle materials like cardboard to create your invitations. DIY idea: create a coloring book invitation to double as a craft activity. (via 100 Layer Cake-let)

This invitation says have a drink with us, but keeps it perfectly classy. The format also follows an important rule: describe the attire. Cheers! (via designworklife)

It’s good to know where you’re going and what you’re going to do, even if that means chowing down on a hamburger. (via designworklife)

Yes, you can accessorize these invitations! This swan invitation is whimsical and romantic and it comes with an accessory.  How cute is that sachet of rice? (via Snippet and Ink)

Invitations must present full details to guests without cramping space and style. Multi cards are the space saving, typography freeing option you need. (via Southern Weddings)

And the award for best use of shape and color goes to… Mod and Geometric! (via Best Friends for Frosting)

Let your invitation reflect location. A watercolored floral invitation is perfect for a romantic garden wedding. (via Oh Hello Friend)

Looking for something to reflect your modern style? This xoxo invitation with crisp modern design and hand lettering is great for every occasion. (via oh so beautiful paper)

Which cute invitation will you try out at your next big occasion?



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