Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte – It’s Time to Catch Up!

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It feels like too long since I last really checked in with you guys. I am so excited to be baaaack! So grab your favorite drink and let’s catch up! I am literally drinking a Starbucks PSL as I type this!! ;) These past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind! I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshed the fall season has made me feel!! Anyone else feeling this way? I feel like I’ve hit the reset button in so many ways. These days I’ve felt so inspired to the point where it feels like there are NEVER enough hours in the day let alone the week. It’s been years since I’ve felt this way. I am so not complaining! ;)

Pinterest HQ with Diane Keaton

A couple weeks back, our team was invited to the Pinterest headquarters for a presentation and meet & greet with Diane Keaton. I felt so honored to be included among the 25 pinfluencers who were invited to this! DK released an amazing tabletop book called The House That Pinterest Built. It’s a conversational tabletop book that is filled to the brim with all the details about her new home renovations that were totally inspired by Pinterest.

Emily Henderson was there too!! Also, it was so fun catching up with New Darlings.

Book Endorsement

Since the day I learned Tessa Sam of Sweet Bake Shop was releasing a book, I have been counting down the days to get my hands on it. Fast forward 2 years later, and I can vouch that this book is pure perfection!! You guys are going to LOVE it!! Tessa’s book will be releasing through Penguin / Random House and hits shelves nationally in spring 2018!


Feature in Relish Magazine

This Sunday, nationally hitting 8 million newspapers, there will be an insert inside Parade Magazine called Relish Magazine that will feature something PINK that Andy and I shot last year.

Speaking at the International Food Bloggers Conference

I haven’t done a public speaking gig in a year or so, and I’ve sort of missed it. When I started blogging as a hobby several years ago, I NEVER imagined the opportunity to educate hundreds of people on how to do this too! It was such an honor to speak at the International Food Bloggers Conference on how blogs make money. I am soooo passionate about this!

After the Food Bloggers Conference, I grabbed dinner at Selland’s and then went out for dessert at Ginger Elizabeth’s with some of the speakers. Pictured above – Cupcake Project (we’ve been friends for years), Dinner then Dessert, Cake Whiz, and Omnivore’s Cookbook! PS. It was like the second day I had my mini van, and it was hilarious taking a joy ride downtown. I thought I was hilarious being out past 9:00 PM because I am usually home in my jammies at this time.

The Museum of Ice Cream

A couple weeks back, we made a quick trip to SF for Press Night @ The Museum of Ice Cream the day before it opened. Naturally, the pool of sprinkles was my favorite part. Our Art Director, Kim, clearly had an iPhone-worthy time in that pool of sprinkles! ;) Could you imagine?! More pictures from this AMAZING event here.

Personal – Whole30 and Home Renovations update-

So I did Whole30 and totally LOVED it! I felt inspired to try it because I had been feeling tired and not 130%. I am already past the reintroduction phase.  Has anyone else done this before? I felt so much better and I  ended up losing 12 pounds!! I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight. When you’re 5’1″, it’s crazy how much of a difference it makes in those photoshoots! ;)

As for home renovations, it’s happening!! I feel like we are finally making headway on the renovation. We’re partnering with BEHR paint on the exterior, so Andy has been painting basically 24/7; I am kissing date nights goodbye for a while! We’ve also firmed up some incredible partners for the interiors of the home. We have nearly 1,900 square feet (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and family room) to design. It’s going to take a good 6 months at least. I can’t wait to share more on the layout with you. Look out for more blog posts on this soon!

First Video for Better Homes & Gardens and it totally went viral

We just shared our FIRST video production with Better Homes & Gardens and it totally went viral within hours of going live! I am feeling very, very, veeerrry inspired to produce video content. Sometimes it’s SOOO hard to showcase personality and connect while always being behind the computer and camera. This Friday, Cayla Jordan is coming over to shoot a video together for our Youtube channels. Straight afterwards, Ally (our Operations Director) and I will go back to her house where she will teach us how to edit!

So Many Tragedies, So Much Heartbreak…

There have been so many tragedies recently and my heart has been overwhelmed with sadness. Everyone has been in my prayers. I wish I had the right words. =( This quote resonates so much right now.

We got a NEW car and now I might live out of it – Just kidding! ;)

YOU GUYS!!! I totally caved and got a minivan – FINALLY! I am so excited about this!! Andy and I made a pact that we would not buy a new car until we bought a house.  My only regret is not getting a mini van sooner. We have sooooo much more space in this car – heck, I could totally live in it! ;) We’re also upgrading to another new car soon. Stay tuned on Instagram where  I’ll share more details on this as soon as I can.

Next steps of growth for BFFF – We’re Expanding in a conscious, thoughtful way!

Next phase for BFFF!!! Our Business Development Director is flying out for 3 months to work with us on “bigger picture” growth opportunities for the brand. I have been feeling a strong calling to begin growing Best Friends for Frosting into SO much more than just the blog. We have an umbrella of plans that will slowly roll out underneath this name that I can hardly wait to share with you. The baseline of these projects will be more ways to motivate, inspire, and encourage others to be the best version of themselves, to live a life you love inside and out, and to celebrate the everyday, of course! We’re all in this together to be the best versions of ourselves! ;)

We’ve hit 93,000 tags on our #SOBestFriendsForFrosting community! You guys are absolutely AMAZING! I love love love going through all the photos and seeing your latest. I am so proud of the community we’ve built together.

So now that the holidays are a skip and a hop away, can you believe we’ve started shooting Christmas and New Year’s content over here. Later next month, we’ll be chipping away at Valentine’s content – can you believe how fast time is flying?

Parting Thoughts

How cute are Claire & Charlie’s Halloween Costumes?  Special thanks to our friends at Pottery Barn Kids.  We had so much fun celebrating Halloween all month long! =)

Ready to celebrate the every day!! Don’t miss our latest fall content- Homemade Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte RecipeDIY Unicorn PumpkinsDecorated Swan Pumpkins, Candy Corn Pumpkin Cheesecake Shooters (SOOOO good!), Pink & Gold Fondant Pumpkin Cakes, Scary Halloween Punch (totally out of my comfort zone), and DIY Succulent Porch Pumpkins.


Photo Credit

Photo 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 & 12 by Melissa’s iPhone

Photo 3 by Penguin / Random House

Photo 8 by Lydia Photography

Photo 10 by Sweet Southern Pixels

Photo 13 by Andy Johnson

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