Graduation Party Ideas

Graduations only happen a couple times in a person’s life, which is exactly why it is so special to celebrate these occasions when the opportunity arises! Making memories surrounding graduation achievements whether it’s for kindergarten, high school, or college is so important! Get inspired by these graduation party ideas to celebrate the graduate in your life!

lightbulbs as gifts

With Charlie and Claire getting older every single year, I swear time does not slow down! It’s hard not to get that bittersweet feeling as I see them passing big milestones! Whether it was their first step or their first tooth, every moment warms my heart but also reminds me that these things only happen once. This is what drives me to celebrate the every day and to truly cherish the moments that can only happen once! Making memories and celebrating memorable moments is so important, and graduations are definitely a part of that celebration! They only happen once at every stage in life. From preschool graduations to high school graduations, these should be celebrated in a way that creates memories and puts a smile on everybody’s face! To get the party started, I put together this round-up of a few of my favorite graduation party ideas to inspire you to get excited about celebrating big achievements!

Bright Future Gift

This Bright Future Gift is the best way to brighten someone’s graduation day! ;) Fill it with their favorite candies for an extra special touch! (via Yesterday on Tuesday)

watermelon on sticks

Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon is a perfect addition to any celebration, especially when frozen! These Watermelon Popsicles would spruce up any dessert table at your upcoming graduation party. (via Style Me Pretty)

world globe

Globe Yearbook

This graduation gift idea is so clever for a student or even a teacher studying history! Every time they spin the Globe Yearbook they can be reminded of all the special people they graduated with or taught that year. SUCH a precious way to create memories!  (via Every Last Detail)

photo wall

Graduation Photo Display

A photo is worth a thousand words, so just imagine how much a collage is worth! ;) This number Graduation Photo Display is such a fun display that captures so many images and memories within the 4 numbers of their graduation year. (via FINDinista)

Nostalgic Pictures

A precious way to put up pictures of your child’s graduation dates are these Nostalgic Pictures lawn posts! And such a great way for everyone to see how much they’ve grown! (via Beaucoup)

cake for graduation

Graduation Tassel Cake

This Graduation Tassel Cake is so fun! You could even use your child’s graduation cap as inspiration to make this cake. Just take it to your local baker and see what they can do with your graduation cake ideas! (via Wilton)

cookies with glitter

Graduation Cookies

Add a little sparkle to your celebration with these Graduation Cookies! Try your hand at decorating, or take this photo as inspiration to your local bakery to have them work their magic! (via A Little Craft in your Day)

graduation party game

Write a Memory

I love easily attainable, inexpensive way to celebrate memories for years to come! Grab a Jenga game and have guests write a memory! (via Yesterday on Tuesday)

With graduation season upon us, don’t forget to spend time creating memorable moments! These graduation memories are the ones that will matter years from now. Celebrate your child’s milestones with photo booths, graduation cake ideas, and gift ideas! What graduation party ideas are you thinking of for an upcoming celebration? Let me know in the comments down below! Happy celebrating!

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