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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Looking for Halloween costume ideas? This is the most wonderful time of year, and buying Halloween costumes for the kids is so much fun. Find all your Halloween costume and trick or treat bucket inspiration here!

Halloween Costumes

As Halloween is only 24 days away, it’s time to order your Halloween Costumes ASAP. Raise your hand if you haven’t done it yet?! Did you know that some Halloween costumes from Pottery Barn Kids already start selling out in September? Run sister, run! I especially love PBK Halloween costumes because they’re nostalgic and so well designed. This is the first holiday season I planned wayyy ahead of time, and I am so glad! I learned the hard way last year about how holiday decor and costumes get picked over quick – by the time it’s days before the holiday is approaching, everything is picked over. So, this year, I put together a quick guide sharing my most favorite Halloween costumes so we could all get ready together! This was a hard year because it’s Charlie’s LAST year being able to fit into a PBK costume, as he’s now 9! I am so glad Claire still has several more years to enjoy it, but I am telling you, when both kids are unable to fit into PBK costumes, it’s going to be a sad day in the Johnson house. Every year I look so forward to picking out their costumes, so we made this year extra special! The kids ended up already trying their costumes on a little early for our Halloween Party, but you might as well wear it as many times as possible, right?! ;) If you’re on the hunt for the cutest ideas, I’ve put together a few options for you!


Cute Halloween Costumes

Our family is over-the-moon excited for Halloween this year, especially now that all of the kids have had a ton of time trying on their costumes! ;) My niece Paisley is heading out in the Glow In The Dark Witch Costume this year. Charlie decided he wanted to be Frankenstein, while his cousin is dressing up as a Werewolf. Together they’re quite the pair! My niece June is just the cutest in her Unicorn costume and Claire is all ready to go in her Magical Fairy Costume. They’re all SO excited about their costumes and Halloween. It makes me so happy! If you still need ideas, there’s so many cute and fun options to choose from!

1. Light Up Unicorn Tutu

June loves anything pink, so this Light Up Unicorn Tutu was the perfect match for her! She loved the headband with the unicorn horn as well, and she sometimes just wears that around in preparation for Halloween! ;) 

2. 3D Mermaid Dolphin Costume 

If your child is obsessed with mermaids like Claire is, turn them into a mermaid with this 3D Mermaid Dolphin Costume for the night! 

3. Glow In The Dark Frankenstein Costume

Charlie loved the Glow In The Dark Frankenstein Costume, and loves being able to walk around like a monster! He is definitely counting down the days until Halloween!

4. Dalmatian Tutu Costume

This Dalmatian Tutu Costume is SO cute! If your child loves dogs, this is the perfect costume for them. Now they can become one for the night! 

5. Dragon Costume

Whose kids loves dragons as much as mine do?! This Dragon Costume will be perfect to change them into their favorite mystical creature.

6. Light Up Ghost Tutu Costume

If your kid wants to be spooky this year, this Light Up Ghost Tutu Costume is perfect! I love having the right amount of spooky with the right amount of cuteness, and this costume sure is it!

7. Glowing Pumpkin Costume

I just absolutely LOVE this Glowing Pumpkin Costume! I put both my kids in something like this when they were younger, and they looked SO cute. My little pumpkins forever!

8. Woodland Deer Tutu Costume

This Woodland Deer Tutu Costume is one of my favorites. I can’t get over how cute it is! 

9. Light Up Astronaut Costume

Let your kid walk on the moon with this Light Up Astronaut Costume! I mean, who can resist giving candy to a real life astronaut! ;) 

10. Puffy Bat Costume

Now these are the kinds of bats I love!! The Puffy Bat Costume is spooky and cute, and your kid will love being able to flap their wings and fly around the neighborhood to get candy! 

11. Light Up Pink Flower Magical Fairy Costume

Claire is also obsessed with pink and princesses, so the Light Up Pink Flower Magical Fairy Costume was what she picked out this year! I love how she looks like a little ballerina princess in it.

12. Werewolf Costume

Toby has been obsessed with werewolves recently, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than to become one! The Werewolf Costume was the perfect costume to fit his love for howling. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets

When you get the perfect costume, you need a Trick-Or-Treat Bucket to match! Or, if you’re like me, you might use a few of these cute buckets for your Halloween party and then keep them in the kitchen full of candy! Here are a few of my favorites for the kids, and then some for me. ;)

1. Shooting Star Treat Bag

June chose the Shooting Star Treat Bag and loves how it had a tutu to match hers. I love it because of how you can also add your child’s name. 

2. Spider Puffy Treat Bag

Whoever wants to be the king or queen of spiders for Halloween will love this Spider Puffy Treat Bag. They will have their own spider friend for the night!

3. Bat Treat Bag

Toby chose the Bat Treat Bag to go with his werewolf costume. This bucket goes great with any costume and will get anyone into the Halloween spirit!

4. Light Up Pumpkin Puffy Treat Bag

This year, Paisley chose the Light Up Pumpkin Puffy Treat Bag and it looked great with her costume, because every witch can use a jack-o-lantern!

5. Pumpkin Glitter Treat Bag

I absolutely love this Pumpkin Glitter Treat Bag because you can customize it for your kids! Now there will be no fighting over whose bucket is whose, and they can use them for years!

6. Light Up Monster Puffy Treat Bag

Charlie used the Light Up Monster Puffy Treat Bag this year to match his costume. This is the perfect bucket for your little monsters to collect their candy!

7. Black Tulle Crown Treat Bag

Or for your spooky princesses, this Black Tulle Crown Treat Bag is customizable and perfect to match the spooky vibe. 

8. Blush Tulle Crown Treat Bag

This Blush Tulle Crown Treat Bag is perfect for your little princess. Matched with a crown and tutu, it will make any princess feel complete.

Halloween Costumes

Even though this is our last year with Charlie in a PBK costume, we still have a few more with Claire! Every year they have the BEST costumes that are so cute and great for trick-or-treating. Also, the treat buckets they have this year are so amazing. I love keeping them year after year because they last so long we can reuse them in future years for decorating or parties! What costume and bucket do you think would be perfect for your children? I’d love to hear all about your Halloween costume plans in the comments below!

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