Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes

Aren’t these Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes by Confessions Of A Cook Book Queen just darling?  It’s easy to instantly notice that it’s a Halloween themed Cupcake.  She used a large open star decorating tip to pipe  green frosting for the witch’s hair.  I am excited that she used a  sturdy frosting recipe which she highly recommends.     After piping a couple swirls of frosting, she sprinkled Heat Green Disco Dust on top.  Are you still curious how she made the edible witch’s hats?  She dipped sugar cones in melted dark chocolate  (you can substitute melting chocolate for almond bark or candy melts) and placed each hat on wax paper to set.  Once the hats set, she attached Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, to the base of each hat.  You can also use an Oreo as the base of the witch hat.  She dipped the top of the cookie in the melted chocolate, and set back on the wax paper, dipped side facing up.  Place cone on top and wait until set.  These Witch Hat Cupcakes are too much fun.  They may have to crash my Halloween bash.

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