From birthdays to holidays to anniversaries, there’s always a reason to celebrate. And for most of us, celebration means decadent desserts — after all, a chocolate cake or a dozen cute cupcakes bring the the flavor and the fun. Unfortunately, they also bring the “Oh, how did I eat all that!?” feeling. But we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some healthy substitutes to use while baking, which cut the calories but keeping the taste. Happy baking!


Replace butter with avocado to make this delicious and satisfying Avocado Pound Cake With Blood Orange Glaze. (via Fake Food Free)


Using tofu instead of oil or butter cuts the calories but keeps the texture. Just try these Tofu Chocolate Cupcakes! (via Foods for the Soul)


Try experimenting with yogurt instead of butter, which is what this scrumptious Healthy Coffee Cake calls for. (via Natural Sweet Recipes)


In these Flourless Chocolatey Brownies, flour is replaced by black beans! (via Chow Divine)


Using coconut milk instead of butter makes this Banana Coconut Bread with Honey and Oats lighter, and more tropical! (via Andre’s the Home Baker)


When baking cupcakes, opt for meringue instead of frosting to keep things light and fresh like in these Lemon Meringue Cupcakes. (via The Baker Chick)


Graham cracker crusts instead of traditional butter pie crusts are a great way to make dessert healthier while adding a lovely texture and taste. Try it out with these Mini Strawberry Pie Cups. (via My San Francisco Kitchen)


Cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips are a great way to get that rich, chocolatey fix without totally over indulging. Bake these Browned Butter Cacao Nib Cookies to test out this substitution! (via All Day I Dream About Food)


These Mint Chocolate Cookies use Truvia instead of sugar, which is a simple way to slash calories and can be used in a variety of dessert recipes. (via My Baking Addiction)


Applesauce for butter may not be an obvious substitute, but it works like a charm and keeps the consistency. Just try these Skinny Oatmeal Walnut Raisin Cookies! (via Dash Recipes)


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