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This post has been sponsored by Pepto-Bismol. Thank you so much for supporting the amazing brands that sponsor Best Friends For Frosting.
How is Valentine’s Day almost here?! It feels like it was yesterday when we were all celebrating New Years, right?! Valentine’s has always been my favorite holiday because of everything it stands for- pink, hearts, and love! Totally right up my alley!
Usually I will make a pizza with heart shaped pepperoni for our Valentine’s tradition. It’s SO easy! We typically go to a shop that sells the pizzas ready to bake at home OR we’ve also gone the frozen route. Before I bake the pizza, I take the pepperoni and use a small heart shaped cookie cutter and shape the pepperoni with hearts. SO FUN and did I mention SO EASY?! For dessert I make something fun and festive. This year I am making pink and white candy bark decorated with heart sprinkles and sugar lips. It’s going to be a blast!
So I am taking a different angle on the blog and getting a little personal with you guys today. We’re all friends around here, right?! Let’s talk digestive stuff! I remember when I was in college, Andy and I would have late nights watching a movie and eating a half gallon of ice cream (cookie dough please!). I could totally get away with it, I had like 0 digestive issues what-so-ever! Fast forward to a good several years later, and I just can’t get away with it anymore. No more treating my stomach like a rock star at a hotel room and just thrashing the place! ;) Okay guys, I am only half Kidding! Was that blunt or what?! Rest in peace, late movie nights.
I was so excited when Pepto Bismol asked me to share my story and our Valentine’s plans with you because their pink relief has been such a true pink lifesaver during some hard times over the years. And I promise you guys, I don’t use this stuff just because it’s pink. ;) My doctor recommended it to me years ago, and there was no turning back. I always keep a bit in my purse – just in case. Of course, now that I am aware of what triggers my digestion, I rarely need to use it, but when it creeps up, I am forever thankful. PS. Here is a little something incase you have been having some digestive issues too girlfriends!
And on a more fun note, what on earth is everyone making for Valentine’s day? We’re clearly going for pizza with heart shaped pepperoni!

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