Holiday Home Tour Part 2

I know I already shared my re-cap visit of the Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour, but I had to make a completely separate post for one of my friends who had the opportunity to have her house on the tour this year! It was so well done and gave me so much holiday inspiration. Did I mention that I already can’t wait to start shopping for decorations for next year! Seriously can’t wait! So grab your eggnog and let’s get inspired together! ;)
Alexis Delchiaro‘s house was done by the amazingly talented interior designer, Katrina Stumbos. She was pregnant and gave birth 2 weeks before the tour (talk about a super mom)! My friend Alexis has 2 toddlers under 2, with a story that is seriously so sweet and miraculous! So of course, it is so fitting that they gave the house a total “Miracle on 34th Street” vibe!


With Christmas, comes presents, right?! I just loved the adorable, yet simple wrapping of all the presents under each tree in and outside of this house. What a great idea to use a solid brown wrapping paper with varying styles and sizes of ribbon. Of course, I would opt for a gingham style, but then again, I’m slightly obsessed! ;)


Okay, can we also talk about how these clear canisters by my friends at The Home Sort are totally making me want to re-organize my whole pantry?! Plus, they would also make a great gift for that organizer on your Christmas list.

The Snow Globe cake by Freeport Bakery was SO adorable. Can you believe that is even real?! The amazing gingerbread house is also from Freeport Bakery! They seriously hit it out of the park in the sweets department.

Katrina even thought to create a kids table, equipped with a tablecloth suited to color on and little crayon present bundles! I’m just loving these tiny, yet thoughtful, ideas! You guys will also absolutely love the glass picture ornaments on one of the trees. Such a great way to showcase family photos while keeping within the holiday spirit.

Katrina also came up with the adorable idea of using an ornament as a place card! It would make such a great little party favor for your next holiday party or Friendsgiving! Plus, the tablescape veers from traditional, a tad, with blueberries instead of holly and tree stumps as placemats. How adorable and rustic is that?!

I am in love with the DIY present wall advent calendar idea. This would be such a budget-friendly idea and could totally hold a toy or Christmas activity to do that day! See what I mean by inspiring? I’m already thinking of ways to decorate my house next year!

Katrina, and everyone that helped to create “Miracle on 38th Street”, did an amazing job capturing the holiday spirit, inside and out! I hope you all get as much inspiration out of this design and take a look at Alexis’ heartfelt story of her two little ones that inspired the whole vibe of this house! I would love to hear what piece of the design is your favorite!

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