Sacramento’s Holiday Home Tour Re-Cap

One of my absolute favorite traditions around Christmas time is the East Sacramento Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour. The tour features 5 homes in East Sacramento, where Interior Designers take over the home and get it ready for the holidays. Seriously, SO fun! Every year, I look forward to attending this tour. It’s a tradition that is perfect for putting you in a winter wonderland kind of mood (even without all the snow) and getting you inspired to decorate your own house for the holidays. So come along with me as I take you through the tour!

Design above by Katrina Stumbos 
Andy and I did a preview of all of the homes and got to go through and take a look at them before the tour officially opened. Of course, it was so good, I ended up going back a second day with my mom, mother-in-law and family! It was so fun! And let me tell you, these designers hit it out of the park. All of the homes turned out AMAZING. I was so inspired! From tablescapes to trees to wreaths, how could you not want to go deck the halls?!


Design on image above by Design Shop Interiors 


Design on image above by Studio Plumb Design

There were so many little touches to each house that made the perfect additions. I’m a total sucker for traditional decorations, but I was seriously loving the twists these designers took! I loved that one of the houses used bells tied on top of the tree, instead of a star. So adorable! Plus, I am absolutely loving that another designer used pomegranates as place cards! How cool is that?! And can we just talk about how easy and budget-friendly wrapping a stack of books with a piece of ribbon is for Christmas decorations?!


Design on tree above by Rebecca Ward Design
Each house had such a different design. I mean, who would’ve thought to fill their tree with big, pink flowers?! But it was seriously the Christmas tree of my dreams. ;) This house actually had a whole floral theme, including a beautiful arrangement of flowers for the dining room chandelier! Each home had its own theme and color scheme, so they were all so unique. One house even went so far as to decorate their back lawn with a holiday picnic perfect for a girls day of wrapping presents and drinking holiday punch (unless you have a snowy holiday, unlike us in sunny Sacramento)! ;) I loved that the front of each of the homes had the traditional wreath and garland we’ve come to expect each Christmas season, while the inside of the homes revealed the character and charm of both the house and its owners through each design.


Design by Aimee Hernandez



Design above by Katrina Stumbos





Design above by Katrina Stumbos

Design above by Katrina Stumbos
I absolutely love this holiday tradition and look forward to seeing the new designs every year. It’s so inspirational and the perfect event for a girls date! If you’ve been following along on social media, then you’ve probably heard the struggle I’ve had this year with getting into the holiday spirit. Seriously, how did Christmas come so fast?! Walking through these houses dressed up in the ultimate Christmas attire definitely helped! So which design is inspiring you the most for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments!


Please reference to Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour  to visit the amazing interior designers and obtain more info.

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